The Soul Rests Eternal

“… the landscape that emerges through my music is rather like the misty dawn of a new day; a day not yet ripened by the sun, but one that shows the promise of a warmer future – a way through the emotional morass.”

Take the time to read the delightful new interview in the Salon du Muse at the Soul Food Cafe. Heather Blakey, web mistress of  Soul Food, takes the time to interview British composer, Mike Sheppard. This interview explores spirit and soul and shines some light on the path for those suffering from bereavement.


Send a Message on the Wing of a Raven


Dear Ms Raven,
I just want to let you know how much it means to me that you come to my mother’s house each day and that you are there to greet her when she opens her curtains. You are making a huge difference to her life and in turn, to mine. Mum feels she has a real purpose as she shops for small treats to keep you and your partner happy.

Thank you for trusting me and letting me take these photographs of you. Mum wants me to have your image put on to magnets so that she can admire you on her fridge and show everyone just what a magnificent fowl you are. I think we might have quite a selection of your images on all sorts of thing here at Soul Food.

fly free and keep safe
return and keep tapping on my mother’s chamber door.


In a world of rampant greed and ‘me’ orientated thinking the Soul Food Cafe remains a beacon that guides people towards a different style of living. Soul Food was forged in a furnace of events that continue to reverberate through the corridors of my internal world. Soul Food was seeded in the seed bed of ‘Writing for Well Being’ courses and has grown, in labyrinthine circles to form the shape that exists today. Today the Soul Food Cafe provides water for thirsty travelers who have spent a long time in the deserts and the pebbles that are thrown in her waters form concentric ripples that impact on more and more pilgrims seeking respite from the ‘I’ society.

A new initiative, as a part of the Temple of Solace, is a program called, for want of a better title, ‘Spreading the Comfort Rug’. The plan is to provide a program, create a lonely planet guide to how to clean up the ‘me’ society and help ensure that people feel that they are genuinely appreciated and cared for.

To begin today I suggest that you visit one of those places that have a free postcard stand. We are going to make good use of these free cards.

At the expense of appearing greedy select half a dozen cards.

Take them home and sit and think about who you feel is a mentor. For example I am in awe and wonder at the generosity of Margaret Olley, one of our famous Australian artists. As a result of reading this article I am going to send Margaret Olley one of the cards telling her how much I admire what she is doing. First of all I have to find out how to mail to her but I am sure someone will be able to help me acquire her address.

Then I am going to send two other cards to two other people who have actively nurtured and cared for me during Darryl’s long illness and as a sense of profound loss and grief engulfed me. I may go a step further and let a few other people know just how much their support has meant to me.

Follow my lead and send three cards over the next few days. Consider sending one to someone every week. Then take a moment, come back in here and share with us how doing this made you feel.