Kassidy’s Birthday


This is my little altar to the loved ones we have lost, where Kassidy is watched over by our beloved Nanna Neville and my Aunty Peggy. Her golden angel bear watches over her too. She would have been two years old on Sunday, toddling around after her mummy, learning to say `Grandma’, and we would be planning her party and buying her presents. But we will all celebrate the little life that means so much to us. We will light her candles and remember her with gratitude and love. Happy birthday, darling. We miss you so much.

rough day for a friend

A friend who has provided me with solace when nothing and no one else could is really suffering today.  Kelly hurt her paw sometime in the night by twisting a toenail entirely around and backward.  The shock just to see the bloodied swollen paw this morning and the look in her eyes can’t be a fraction of the discomfort she felt yet she didn’t make a sound.  Just laid there with her head down.  Poor babe.  The vet just left and she’s well sedated but still crying a little.  Send some good vibes out for a sweet soul, will you?  She’s been an angel of mercy for me and deserves much in return.



In Rememberance


In Honor of all our losses

Of the loved ones we miss

those with two legs and those with four legs!

There is not one among us who does not know of what I speak.

Who has not shed tears of grief or offered love with open hands.

May we be granted peace.



(image courtesy of Ian Britton at FreeFoto.com)

When All You Had Was Him

O my Beloved,
I searched both worlds
but never found joy without you.
I have seen many wonders
but never a wonder like you.

I pressed my soul’s ear
against countless doors
But never heard words as sweet as yours.


O what grace you pour upon your servants!
From our view the ocean looks so small!


O Saaqi, sweet sight of my eyes,
I’ve never seen one like you
in all of Persia or Arabia.
Pour the wine that takes me beyond myself,
for this petty existence
brings nothing but fatigue.


You are the endless Love,
You are the heavenly song,
You are the mother and father,
You are the one I will always know.


We are scraps of iron.
Your love is the magnet that draws us near.
Why should I seek?
All I need do is love … .


Rest now my soul,
Leave behind your religion
and your empty show of faith.


Remember when you had no religion?
Remember when all you had was Him?


~ Rumi ~

Peaceful Passage

Dear Heather, What a lovely passage to the next world you have planned and chosen for Darryl. Your raven wings will protect and cover him, speeding him on his journey. In the coming days, may you hear stories of comfort and laughter, to shape precious memories.  –QuinnRaven Heather with Darryl

Always Be – for Heather & Darryl

Heather, Heather, Heather…

Words can hardly come close to expressing what we feel for you… But even if oceans apart, we want you to know that we are here/there for you with our hearts open as we embrace you with solace in this ultimate moment of pain, loss and grief. We all miss Darryl and the knowledge that you are both transitioning and transforming into higher grounds and realms of being and consciousness gives us hope and calms our deepest fears and heart aches.

Here’s something that I wanted to share with you with deepest gratitude and love, from Ken Wilber as he parted with his beloved Treya, from Grace & Grit…


You have shed your body and your pains and are able to dance the dance of true life, and that is the life of the soul. I can dance with you in my dreams, and in my heart. So, you are not dead, your soul still lives, lives on a higher plane, and in your loved ones’ hearts.
You’ve taught me the most important lesson, what life and love is.
Love is complete and sincere respect for another being…
It is the ecstasy of the true self…
Love extends beyond all planes and is limitless…
After a million lives, and a million deaths it still lives…
And it only dwells in the heart and soul…
Life is of the soul, and of nothing else…
Love and laughter ride with it, but so do pain and anguish…

Wherever I go
And whatever I see
In my heart and soul
You’ll always be with me

~ Ken Wilber, from Grace & Grit ~