Darryl’s Road Trip North

At the time of Darryl’s funeral it was agreed that the lad would not miss out on the road trip to Coff’s Harbour that he had so looked forward to joining. So some of his Ulysses mates took him north with them. It has taken awhile for me to document the visual narrative of his journey My grief is still very raw. In little over a week it will be Darryl’s birthday and the seventh month anniversary of his death. It feels more like ten years since he died. When Keith Gibson sent these photos through I confess I shed many tears. I am ready to show them now. It was quite some trip that they went on.







Thanks for looking after him so well guys and for bringing him safely back home to be very near to me.


13 thoughts on “Darryl’s Road Trip North

  1. Heather, what a lovely thing for them to have done – they are truly good friends, and they have brought you wonderful memories.

  2. Most of all I remember the day of Darry’s Wake in terms of
    ” The Roar of the Engines” All pedals kicking over the motors,reving up the power,falling into line in pairs behind his casket in the large station wagon it was resting in and then in unison all moving off together ,men and women riders in black leather jackets and large helmets,bikes shining in the sunlight made for a spectacular moving on as part of the ritual of saying goodbye.
    Hundreds stood and watched from the park opposite Heather and Darryl’s Carnforth …no noise except the roar of the engines ,they stood long after the motor bikes had rounded the corner on the last part of his journey.
    To be farewelled by such a wide variety of friends,family, young and old
    from all walks of life said much about Darryl who was my Dear Friend for 10 years …..
    I do miss him so much… Jessie Dog and I loved him so.

    Lois (Muse of the Sea) Wednesday 15th August – 2007

  3. Thanks Lois. He loved you and Jessie Dog too. I can see him, in my mind’s eye, tickling Jessie on her tummy and asking you if any sailors had come in to Port yet. Villian really!

  4. Heather, i can’t see the screen as i type this – i only hope my touch typing skills are okay!! you were so brave to post these photos but also brave to let darryl go on his trip with the gang. what a lovely idea to send him off with his friends. my mum still sits in the chinese desk in my lounge surrounded by photos. one of her funny dreams was to travel around europe – she always said she’d get us to push her in her wheelchair cos she’d probably be pretty old by the time she got there…. sadly she never did, but perhaps i could take her on a tribute trip. thank you for always sharing the hard stuff Heather.

  5. It is not quite so unbearable when you share Samm. I think it would be wonderful if you took your Mum on a tribute journey. You could always have her tucked in a Baba Yaga style doll and she could be in all the photos. How cool would that be. I am going to have a special part made within this adorable gorilla and then Darryl can come on some of my road trips.
    love Heather

  6. This is so wonderful, what these guys did for you and Darryl. What a blessing, to have friends like this and for Darryl to have inspired such friendship. It seems like you and Darryl had something very special, Heather. Thanks for sharing with us. Love and Hugs….Mari

  7. I’m so glad Darryl finally made the trip he so much wanted to make and with such good friends how could he have failed to have a wonderful time. This is such a heartfelt tribute to him.

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