How to Heal After Difficult Events

Setting goals for self-improvement can help motivate you, even during times of grief and struggle. You can make small, manageable changes to your life that bring you comfort and help you pursue healing. Here are some tips from Soul Food Cafe to get you started!

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Picking up a new hobby or skill can open new horizons and help you deal with stress and negative feelings. Research suggests that practising a favourite hobby can lower blood pressure and encourage brain development. When choosing a new pastime, consider the activities you enjoyed most as a child. For example, if you loved colouring, you take an art class or try painting. You can also use your new hobby as a way to make friends by joining an in-person or online community of fellow hobbyists. Your expanded skillset can boost your career, and you can even start a blog or small business once you have some experience.

Enjoy a Weekend Getaway

Taking a vacation is a great way to relax and recharge after a stressful event. A quick, affordable weekend getaway can give you the space you need to care for yourself. Reconnect with nature by taking a hiking or camping trip. 

Practice Healthy Fitness

Exercise isn’t just good for your body; studies show that a fitness routine can improve your mental health, too. Physical activity improves blood flow and neuroplasticity in the brain. Furthermore, exercise can alleviate stress, insomnia, and symptoms of depression. If you’re new to fitness, you can visit a local gym and ask the trainers on staff to help you get started. If you prefer working out at home, there are many apps and videos you can access. Finally, look into local sports teams and running groups if you want to socialise and spend time outdoors while you get fit.

Connect With Loved Ones

Friends, family, and loved ones can provide immense support during difficult times. It’s important to maintain these connections during your healing journey. Opening up about your experiences can help your loved ones support you better. If you are interested in making new friends, consider volunteering or joining an organisation in your community. You can also reconnect with classmates and coworkers you knew in the past. You don’t need to limit yourself to human companionship either. Pets help you stay active and reduce mental stress. Adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue can give you a greater sense of purpose.

Seek Out Positivity Services

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you should reach out for help. Talking with a therapist or counsellor can help you process your emotions and gain coping skills. You can look for a mental health provider in your area or access virtual mental health services. Online therapy is private and secure and can save you time and money. Furthermore, it’s convenient and less of a commitment than in-person therapy. 

You can also do yourself a big favour by trying to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible – especially at home. Let your residence be an oasis of positivity, free from self-doubt and criticism, in which you try to maintain your own health and wellness and avoid being too hard on yourself when some things don’t necessarily go as planned.

Healing is a complex process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. However, setting realistic goals allows you to navigate difficult times and move forward. 

Heather Blakey of Soul Food Cafe is an artistic midwife who is in her element when she works with artists and writers to assist in the delivery of their artistic hopes and dreams. Feel free to check out our archives!

Image via Pexels