The Soul Rests Eternal

“… the landscape that emerges through my music is rather like the misty dawn of a new day; a day not yet ripened by the sun, but one that shows the promise of a warmer future – a way through the emotional morass.”

Take the time to read the delightful new interview in the Salon du Muse at the Soul Food Cafe. Heather Blakey, web mistress of  Soul Food, takes the time to interview British composer, Mike Sheppard. This interview explores spirit and soul and shines some light on the path for those suffering from bereavement.

2 thoughts on “The Soul Rests Eternal

  1. Thank you Heather and Mike for a wonderful interview. So much of what we see and read is either depressing or trivial and so it does one’s heart and soul good to “listen” to two people discussing the essence of life. Whatever brings about deep feelings of connection with people, the past, nature, faith and truth is what we all crave. Exquisite music and heartfelt words have done that here. God bless you both.

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