all done

At 5 o’ clock today my dog Kelly finished her life.  She was in pain and far from herself.  I am beside myself with sadness at the loss of my incredibly friendly and affectionate companion.  She was a wonderful creature who brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces.  She healed me with her unconditional love over the course of this last year in a way that nothing else could.  I am in her debt.  The silence and stillness in the house is profound.  I don’t know where to put all my kisses.  I may have to shower love and affection on my fellow humans now. 

Rest, my love.  You were a sweetheart.  You made me happy when nothing else could.  I love you forever.



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I am an artist and curator at large in Hamilton, Ontario. Moreover, I am also a serious patron of the arts. It is not enough to work on my own art, though that is a vast and satisfying part of my life, I also deeply enjoy the company of other artists at all stages of their careers. Emerging artists, mid-career, and established artists all have their particular energies and visions to share that are fascinating to me. The art and literary worlds are my sources of entertainment. I spend my time and energy exploring and celebrating both.

8 thoughts on “all done”

  1. I am so sorry Steph. I knew this was coming and wish I could have changed the outcome for you. Having gone through an almost identical experience with Ash I know how devastated you are right now. Take care babe!

  2. I am so sorry to hear this, Steph. I’ve twice lost my beloved four legged and know how difficult it is to get through the day without the unconditional love. I’m holding you close to my heart. Please take comfort in knowing you are cared about. And I, as a fellow human, am willing to take any love you care to shower!!

  3. I’m sorry about the loss of your companion Steph. May you find the strength to get through this difficult time. I wish I had a puppy with Kelly’s heart in her to give to you!

  4. Bless you at this time, Steph, a second loss is so hard to take. But you had the chance to love again and know that there are many, many chances to do that. There is always more to give and someone willing to be showered with it.
    Goodbye, Kelly, and bless you for all you have done for our dear Steph.

  5. Our four legged friends are like family, no, not like family, they are family. My heart goies out to you, Steph, in what is a most difficult time for you.


  6. Steph, I’m so sorry. I know not having that wagging tail and a sloppy kiss to greet you ever day is difficult, but just know that your wonderful pup is still beside you in spirit.


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