From the Ashes



I remember standing at this spot in 2005 with Darryl. His cancer had returned and we came here so that he could show me exactly where he wanted to be scattered. I remember we cried and held one another and I promised that I would meet him here one day, that we would sit with our feet dangling in the cool water.

According to his wishes we scattered Darryl late in the winter of 2007 after his death on January 19th 2007. If you look carefully you can see some of those ashes on the stones at the edge of the water.

When the Victorian Bushfires ravaged this whole area on February 23, 2009 I was shattered, but had little comprehension of the ferocity of the fires that razed this area. It took me awhile to visit, mainly out of respect for the people who actually lived here and lost their homes. But then, during the week before I sold our home in Fitzroy North, I felt compelled to drive back and see what remained.






Incredible as the destruction was, I found that the place retained its Qi, that the beauty had not been erased. Perhaps more importantly there was plenty of evidence of regeneration. My fears were quelled and I knew that we still could meet here again and again.

15 thoughts on “From the Ashes”

  1. It really is a lovely area, Heather, a perfect resting place. And from this devastation will eventually come regeneration.

  2. This special spot is known to me ,the well known creek saunters down the Great Dividing Range eventually finding its way into the Toorong Reservior. As a group of writers Heather took us there many years ago to dangle our feet in the fresh cool mountain water and write our stories while sipping on a glass of GOOD white wine ..I remember Heather’s Mum Dorothy saying at the time ” This is really great” I like this…
    Heather has said of Stony Creek it does have a wonderful aura..

    Lois ( Muse of the Sea) Sun. 3.5.09

  3. This is very dramatic, Heather. It shows it all, doesn’t it? And the parts of green emerging, shyly, even, but yet they return. This is a bittersweet posting. Glad you posted it.

  4. Nature has a way of cleansing herself and coming back even more glorious. In fact, where I live fires are a necessity in order for some trees to germinate their seeds. This area will come back, you’ll see.


  5. It will come back more beautiful than ever. Fire, we must remember, is part of Nature’s way of cleansing and adding nutrients to aid regeneration. It is a beautiful spot, Heather, a fitting place for you to meet again with Darryl.


  6. A special spot for a special man. As he has taken off his mortal robe in exchange for freedom may you find solice here. Let the sweet song of your lover come to your heart at this place.

  7. That which grows from now on will grow out of Darryl’s ashes. He will truly live on in the beauty of this place he loved so much. I know of no one else that has had this miracle.

  8. Thank you for posting these wonderful photos. It certainly is a beautiful spot. The final photo in the sequence has a really profound aura about it. As others have said – it does seem to symbolise regeneration on all kinds of levels. Thank you for posting.

  9. The continuity nature shows us, especially after a major disaster, proves over and over that life goes on and the end is only the beginning. Darryl is still in his chosen spot as he is and always will be still with you. Thank you, Heather, for bringing us back here to witness the miracle.

  10. To my heart you have spoken
    of a spirit not broken
    to my place you have given
    a spiritual token of courage
    beyond measure of the humanity treasure.


  11. It is not the ashes and destruction that will live on, but the life and vibrating auras, the impulses sent out to the ether. You will find him there, and then he will take you on a journey to places far beyond, where fire can never reach again.

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