Chaos and Peace


Some thoughts on the latest extremes of weather, and the terrible events Australian territories have been enduring in the past week.  The hot wind of the past two weeks burned the leaves on plants city and country alike.  It was a real worry to see healthy plants sizzling in the conditions, unable to do anything about them, due to this hot wind.   However, this week a fine show of new green shoots arrived, against the odds.  The weather is cooler, though still summer heat, but there is still relief.  It didn’t seem there would be any, in the thick of the wildfire period, which devastated the nations’ soul.  Prayers went out to all concerned, locally and around the world, and this tree then is a symbol of rebirth, as everything gradually heals with love and time.  Blessings also to the people of the northern climates, who have been stricken with such an excess of water as has made life very difficult for them.  I hope things improve for everyone as time goes on.  Truly a land of extremes, these weeks have tested everyone completely, and compassion has shone through, just like the persistent green foliage coming through.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2009.)

7 thoughts on “Chaos and Peace

  1. Truly this is a place to reflect on the heartbreak endured by the victims of floods and fires, and to see hope in the brave returning of life.

  2. My condolences to all the people of Australia over this tragic event. Words seem so inadequate. Perhaps nature herself is expressing it the best way — by bringing forth new life. Our prayers go forth as the people rebuild and the land renews.

  3. I am always puzzled when disaster strikes taking so many innocent lives. I understand the plight of New Orleans…there was plenty of advanced notice given. But this is so drastically different and I am saddened by such great loss. To know this was caused by arson makes it so much more devastating. I’m so very sorry for the many losses of Australia, but hope that there are many positive actions that occur as a result.

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