This little statue is in a hidden corner of the Chinese Gardens of Friendship in Sydney. My children love this baby Buddha, we took them to the gardens often and always had to seek it out so they could stroke his head and sit with him for a while.

I place him here in gratitude – Buddha for us is the essence of goodness and all we try to follow in our lives. And I have so much to be grateful for. Our Lana, our treasure, our lovely girl and her beautiful children were spared their lives – so many miracles combined to save them. And our gratitude overflows for another narrowly avoided tragedy on that terrible night. What can I say for all these blessings?

I wanted to come here to the Temple of Solace, where so many broken hearts have lain, and say thank you, thank you to the angels who watched over them, thank you for the love of friends and family, thank you most of all for reminding us that angels and miracles do exist and that life is filled with purpose and meaning. There is so much sadness and loss, and we grieve endlessly for those who go on ahead, but sometimes fate is kind – and for this reprieve I am truly, truly thankful.


10 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. sometimes fate is kind and sometimes the world or something or someone intervenes because enough is enough. and your beautiful daughter and her children are meant for better things.

  2. God loves a grateful heart. What a lovely statue to remind you of your family’s own personal miracle. Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones, Gail. Hope your boy heals swiftly.

  3. The Temple of Solace is the perfect place for this, Gail. Being thankful brings comfort and solace as well during hard time. I am so grateful that all has turned out well for you and your family.

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