Seeking Meaning


Legend hath it that Cerridwen had two children. Creiwy was the most beautiful girl in all the world. Afagddu, her son, was the ugliest boy. They lived on an island in the middle of Lake Tegid. To compensate for Afagdddu’s ugliness, Cerridwen decided to make him highly intelligent. So according to a recipe contained in the books of Vergil of Toledo the magician (hero of a twelfth century romance), she boiled up a cauldron of inspiration and knowledge, which had to be kept on the simmer for a year and a day. Season by season she added to the brew magical herbs gathered in their correct planetary hours.

When finally Gwion thrust into his mouth some drops of the mead he at once understood the nature and meaning of all things past, present and future.

The 19th of January is the anniversary of my husband, Darryl’s death. He lost a fierce battle with cancer and I am still to understand the meaning of all things past, present and future.

In honour of his memory I am asking those, who want to help in some way, to stop and think of us and add some magical herbs and other ingredients to this cauldron, in the hope that one day all will become clearer.

Remembering Darryl
January 18th 2009
love you today and always Darryl


19 thoughts on “Seeking Meaning”

  1. On thinking about this post, and putting something in the cauldron, I immediately thought of sprinkling of iron ore and gold dust, to show the strength and love between you and Darryl. I don’t know why, but the metals came to mind, immediately. What a wonderful tribute to a terrific man, Heather.

  2. Herbs and plants have symbolic meanings as well as practical uses.

    So to the cauldron I would add:

    -a little aloe to provide healing grief and protection from bitterness.
    -I would add some rosemary to represent the love, loyalty, and fidelity you shared with Darryl.
    -I would add a quantity of sage so that you will gain wisdom and insight.
    -Finally, I would add a great quantity of marjoram so that your life will be filled with joy as you remember the happiness your shared with Darryl.

    When the infusion is complete, share this cup with those who love you and Darryl so that all may partake of this magic.

  3. I will add comfort and compassion from those who were not with you and Darryl on your journey during that difficult time. May the thoughts of those who care comfort you as you come into this second anniversary of his leaving this physical existance. May you find the meaning you seek and the peace you deserve in the not too-distant future.

  4. Heather,

    Into your cauldron I sprinkle some rosemary – to aid in keeping Darryl’s memories alive, some thyme – to calm you when you feel your emotional burden is too great, and some cayenne – to keep your heart strong. Lastly I toss in some wisdom (that you may blend in with your healing potion or simply choose to have evaporate), that life is but a stopping point in our journey.

    You are in my thoughts, me heart, and my prayers today,

  5. I give you a tiny bottle to fill with the completed cauldron ingredients
    this tiny bottle will fit in your amulet bag which is already filled with protection and dreams for a brighter tomorrow

    I also add to the Cauldron a tiny peace of black ribbon to symbolize a new beginning and in honor of the grief you feel for the lost of a loved one

    thinking of you and Darrel today

  6. I add some lavender for your well being, and a crystal to represent the love you felt for each other. I add, too, a tiny polished stone from Botswana…it represents the ages and how your love for each other will continue to live on and on, forever.


  7. Rosemary Heather, Rosemary for the Herb Garden I planted for Wolfie over 10 years ago. He used to spend all of his time out there in that stuff and the scent of it was all over my house.

    So I’m adding Rosemary, not for what it represents but for what it means to me…I know you understand.

    Love from
    Anita Marie

  8. Thinking of you both today…I will add to the cauldron, Yarrow to help give you the courage to endure, Sandalwood and Willow to heal, Ginger and Orris for love, lastly some Eyebright that his memory never fade.

    Much love

  9. I offer to you, the two most lovely roses you can imagine. One for you and for your true love Darryl.
    May you be blessed on your journey of healing.

  10. After reading the post of January 2007, I a smiling as Bad to the Bone blasts in my brain. I add to the cauldron chamomile for calming your heart. I add giggles that rise up in bubbles, popping, and letting loose at unexpected times. I add the alphabet so that the words of all those who have come to know you bring you comfort, happiness, stories of Darryl, joy, and new stories. We all walk beside you now as you take steps forward on your path. Darryl is also walking beside you on the other side of a very thin veil. Sometimes he flies as he is so incredibly happy watching what a difference you are making in the lives of others around the world!!

  11. I’ll add some drops of essential oil; a blend of lavender, bergamot, geranium, marjoram and cedarwood for a sense of peace. It smells nice too. Take care.

    with love,

  12. Darling Heather I’m adding my two favourite herbs..for their scent as well as their properties. Rosemary for remembrance and rose for its beauty.
    Love to you at this time. Cle

  13. a hidden shoreless ocean of incorruptible wealth in a salty bag of tears
    a polished mirror of rosemary
    kindly words of lavendar
    and a whisper of memory wrapped up in a tiny shell.

    (: love june

  14. into my cauldron i have placed
    lavender & meadowsweet for peace
    jasmine & thyme for compassion
    marigold & heliotrope for courage
    spikenard for healing
    a chunk of amber for healing & protection

    i light candles and call the four corners in your honor and in darryl’s for your hearts are one and touch sweetgrass to the flame to clear the space of all negative thought and memory. i put out the candles carefully in proper order in the proper way, carefully snuffed, not blown to show reverence to the flame and leave the herbs and sweetgrass to smolder & fill the air with the drifting smoke of remembrance of love and acceptance.

    my heart is with you at this time for you are precious and your love is precious and must be held with soft hands as one would a robin’s egg at this time of remembrance.

    with light and love, jeanne

  15. Heather Dear Heart,

    To this redolent tea of love and support I add purest Spring Water, to symbolise the pure love you shared with Darryl. I light aloeswood incense so that you may breathe easily, and set it to burn in an Abalone shell, symbolising the rhythm of forever.

    My thoughts, prayers, and magic are with you love.

  16. I sprinkle in some pixie dust to honor the magic of your love, and stir with a big wooden spoon full of comfort and joy.
    And – lean closer, Heatherm I have to whisper – it’s a deep true secret – at the bottom of the pot I have dropped the special smooth stone Were Pen once gave me – the one inscribed with the word “OK” – so even though you will always miss Darryl, you will know, that, as he would wish, you will always be OK.
    Hugs, Kerry

  17. I’ll resurrect my garden from under the winter snows to add flowers from my butterfly bushes, Heather, which smell like sweetest of loves.

  18. I add the song of whales, which travels endless distances in the ocean of time, to reach the furthest corners of the universe to echoe the memories in a strange yet beautiful way. I add a pinch of salt derived from the tears of mortals. I add something of myself, as I understand…

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