Life Affirming Nickelback

Uplifting and inspiring, this anthem “If Everyone Cared” from the group “Nickelback” courtesy of You Tube, pays homage to some amazing people who have done a lot to lift the collective spirits.  People might think there is nothing they can do, but it appears the opposite is true.  This clip pays homage to these amazing people, particularly Bob Geldof, whose work has been a real inspiration to Heather Blakey, Soul Food Cafe’s creator, because they were able to create positive change.  The lyrics are brilliant and say some profound things.  Certainly enough to lift the spirits.

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About Seeking balance from corporate life years back in 2005, Monika Roleff stumbled across Lemuria in cyberspace, and became Imogen Crest, Time Travelling Nature Hermit, under the influence of Heather Blakey, educator and Webmistress of Soul Food Cafe – famous global writing and art group. “Imogen” has never looked back, and creates the world as she sees it, through the eyes of nature, in word and art across many eras. In “real life” Monika Roleff is a writer, nature photographer, consultant, vintage fairs/events curator and facilitator, writing fest co-ordinator, community artist, and more, with an extensive admin and retail fashion/textiles/arts background, and can be contacted on indigo_moon22 at hotmail dot com.

6 thoughts on “Life Affirming Nickelback”

  1. Wonderful, wonderful….we are so fortunate to have experienced these amazing people in our lifetime…as you say, truly inspirational …nice song too 🙂

  2. My experience as a teacher, as a local government councillor and Mayor, as the creator of Soul Food is that the individual really does have the power to make a massive difference to the lives of everyone. Actions do not have to be on the scale of Geldolf, Williams or Mandela. The individuals who supported them helped to make the difference.

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