Writing you a letter
Getting it out of me
Onto paper
Wanting to share

Not wanting to share.
My feelings for you
Our history
belongs to us
no one else
but I still need to write it.

Trying to write
About you and me,
our past, or my past anyway
Writing honestly,
hoping its not going to hurt you
knowing it probably will.
Writing it anyway.

Making it real
If its written,
Does that mean it is real?
Or is still just real for me?
And does that even make it more real?

Does something shared have
to be remembered by both people
for it to be real?

The little things,
no, probably not,
but what about the big things?

You told me you loved me
and I loved you
but you went home
not remembering that
not feeling it.
Is it real?
Was it real?

Getting it out of me
Trying to get over you
But will I ever truly do that?
Won’t you always be a part of me?
A part of my life.
Does it even matter?


4 thoughts on “Reality?”

  1. Writing does help make your feelings become real like the Velveteen Rabbit. Perhaps more importantly writing enables the reader to bear witness and authentic those feelings.

  2. Your writing about your relationship is your way of providing a loving eulogy for Seanna, a way of acknowledging the reality of that relationship and the grief resulting from that loss.

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