Sanctuary of the Blue Flame

Whenever I need a mental get-away, I create a safe haven.  Sometimes this is a very real place– in my living room when I perform a meditation with a candle in a cobalt blue glass.    Most times, it is within my imagination, where I create a sanctuary in my heart where a single flame burns.  

May you also find a safe haven to dwell…….

Animation: L. Gloyd (c) 2008


10 thoughts on “Sanctuary of the Blue Flame”

  1. Wow Lori! This is just stunning. This week I have been keeping my incense and salt candles burning and I have quite cocooned and safe.

  2. Lovely image! Candles are such a blessing and comfort, as is incense and the sound of water running. I also have a large stone that has been polished into a heart that provides the earth element to complement the other elements.

  3. The blue flame is lovely. In the same vein there is a new spirituality Anthology in NZ this summer. The contributors ( of which I am one) hope that it will be enjoyed by all who read it. We hope this will also include Australian’s also. It is called ‘Oh Light’ edited by Anna Gillkison from the disability faith and spiritually network Wellington. It might interest some!

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