Death Star Warning

A beautiful pinwheel in space might one day blast Earth with death rays.

Unlike the moon-sized Death Star from Star Wars, which has to get close to a planet to blast it, this blazing spiral has the potential to burn worlds from thousands of light-years away.

“I used to appreciate this spiral just for its beautiful form, but now I can’t help a twinge of feeling that it is uncannily like looking down a rifle barrel,” said researcher Peter Tuthill, an astronomer at the University of Sydney.


Today I am reeling. The humane veterinarian who came to our home today has diagnosed our Lab Retriever with throat cancer.

Vada, my son’s Staffordshire was run over by a truck, in a freak accident, in front of me in August 2006. Monty, my dear old man Cavalier died from cancer in November 2006. My husband Darryl lost his battle with cancer on January 19th 2007.

Ash came to us from a shelter in April 2007. For about four months he has been trying to tell everyone that he is not well. We listened and heard but back in January the local veterinarian, after doing extensive blood tests, implied that we were just imagining things. The small lump that they detected then is now the size of an orange and more tumors have filled his throat. All we can do is palliate with cortisone.

Some would tell me that Ash came to sponge up all the remnants of the disease that lingered in the energy fields here, to act as a kind of protector. Well, if that is the case I may as well put up a sign on the front door saying ‘In Path of Death Star – Enter at Your Own Risk’. I will not accept that Ash is some kind of human sacrifice, given to protect those who love his gentle, loving soul.

But there is no doubt that the Death Star has had us in its gaze for a little too long. Of course, there is always a positive about living in the path of a Death Star. You learn to live and value all life. In this death denying society, where some veterinarians prey on human emotions and subject animals to a barrage of chemotherapy and other painful treatments, it is a tonic to meet someone who is not in to death denial, who will not try to tell you that if you stay positive and consume kilos of broccoli seeds you will live forever. We all live in the gaze of the dreaded death star. Facing death, accepting that all living organisms have a finite time, has forced me to live, love and make considered choices.

We are going the My Best Friend path and while I am very unhappy I feel like a safety net has just been put around me, that forces stronger than any horrid death star are being gathered to make sure that, whatever time Ash has left, is filled with love.


16 thoughts on “Death Star Warning”

  1. Dearest Soul Sister,
    I send much love, many virtual hugs and kisses, lots of prayers and understanding your way. Ash is so lucky to have a human that will not be selfish with his life, but will make their hard choices with courage and unselfish love.

    Ash came to you, not because you needed him, but because he needed you. Please know that my heart and Spirit are with you always dear, and that I weep with you.

    Love, hugs and kisses,

  2. Dear Heather, I agree with Gwen. You rescued this dog from a shelter and gave him a year of love and attention that he would not have had otherwise. You put forth an act of kindness into the Universe which benefits us all in this world.

    (many many hugs to you and give one to Ash for us too).

  3. Heather, I am sending my prayers and good thoughts to you and Ash. You have given him a wonderful gift, though- the gift of love, when he was very much in need of it.

  4. It has been very tough and I have had a bit of a ‘healing crisis’ but I am stronger now and Ash knows I will be there with him. The good news is that he is responding to the quarter zone and so it is likely he will have more rather than less time.

  5. Dear Heather, the title to this post drew me back. I’m sorry that you are once again experiencing this kind of sadness. it seems you have been living in the light of death for too long. As you have said, it brings home the preciousness of our relationships. Ash has been given the gift of your love and presence, as you have been given the gift of his. Know that I am thinking of you and that I love you very much–funny how we can hold someone in our hearts that we have never even met in person, isn’t it? Your spirit is being burnished with the harsh steel wool of loss, over and over, and that is why you shine so brightly for all of us. My love to you, and extra belly rubs to Ash. Karen Roberts

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