Still Together – Still Remembering

Remember love! Remember when we said we could beat it, bought airline tickets on a whim and wandered through Western Europe for six months. We never had a booking. We said if we did not know where we were going we would not get lost and we never did get lost. We saw it all, went well off the tourist route, lived vicariously and loved every moment. Remember when you got sick again and we would sit remembering that trip day by day.
I know you are well and healthy and with me today so let us spend some time remembering.
Heather Blakey – January 19th 2008
First anniversary.

9 thoughts on “Still Together – Still Remembering”

  1. What a lovely picture, Heather. The joyous times we spend with loved ones last forever. Darryl would be so proud of all you’ve accomplished this year, but more than that, he’d be so pleased to see you dwell on the wonderful times you had together.

    Prayers and blessings to you both forever,

  2. Heather, you selected the perfect picture. Right now, I cannot find words. Only tears fall one by one to rest on my chin as I think of the two of you and your blessings. From his heart to yours and back again, bless you. Genece

  3. A holiday on your own will have lots of memories
    even with Helen and Greg there…..You and Darryl spent most of your holidays together and you bounce off one another when you look at something special or ask an opinion or share a joke….
    These are the times you will Remember and be very aware of….
    When I went on my first holiday towing the caravan on my own ,I arrived at Port Fairy in such a state ..Thought I was tough …so I rang my Brother John and he talked me through my exhaustion and panic….
    It was great having the dog but the understanding of someone crying and in a total floppy state was too much for a mere dog to cope with………
    Have a wonderful break…enjoy the beautiful sea air,see some of the wonders of the coastline,eat some nice freshly caught fish and sleep at any hour of the day ….
    It is said Darling
    ” We learn as much from what hurts us
    as much ,as what loves us ”

    From Muse of the Sea on a pitter patter rainy day in Melbourne
    Sat 19th January 2008

  4. And what gold that holiday and those memories have brought!!! May this wonderful love grow and prosper, like an abundant orchard, always. There is love there, and this is sure as day. They say love is stronger than death, and it is so. Such happiness as seen in this picture is forever. Many blessings to you, Heather, on Darryl’s anniversary, and for the future, always.

  5. Beautiful memories, Heather. And like Monika says, the sort of happiness that is in that picture is forever. Love is forever, too.

  6. Heather,
    I just recently discovered your site, and came across your honoring your time with Darryl. Working in hospice and going though my own personal losses helps me to empathize with your loss and your grief journey. Please accept my heartfelt thoughts.

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