I Still Remember Places


Remembering Darryl
August 1948 – January 2007
Remembering thirty seven years together
Remembering precious times and places
Staffa – 2001

Places, I still remember places
Those precious times and places
When everything was new

Places, I still can feel those places
Our hearts were never lighter
The sky was twice as new

Places, what happen to those places
Though they have changed forever
I’m still in love with you

Moments, do you remember moments
And nothing seems to matter
Apart from me and you

Passion, wider than the ocean
Timeless as the mountain
We’ll go closer
We’ll go wiser every day

Places, I still remember places
Those precious times and places
When everything was new

Places, do you remember places
And nothing seems to matter
I’m still in love with you

Theme from Out of Africa
for Darryl
with love from


10 thoughts on “I Still Remember Places”

  1. Heather, may you and your children have many blessings during your time together on Darryl’s anniversary. My heart can feel that the two of you were true soul mates. Very, very blessed to have found, loved, and grown together all those years. Now, you and he continue to love through time and space. Your journey has many gifts to come.

  2. Heather ” Do You Remember”
    there once was a woman who was at the time the same age as Darryl when he died… She came from Loss,.he came in sadness she came in confusion, she came in anger and pain but she came in hope…
    She thought it would come somehow somewhere sometime
    She found the journey to be long, sometimes sad,enlightening,joyfull with many emotions only she would ever know..
    She wrote in 1997 a year down the long road a poem ,
    this poem came about because she shared her pain with human kind and the Muses and many wonderful writers whom she met along the way
    She wrote herself to Well Being through the encouragement of the Teacher whom she knew and understood her needs
    The poem she wrote stays in her mind to this day ..like Robert Frost in his ” The Road Less Travelled”….
    This woman ,may if allowed pass onto the Teacher who guided her on that road a few short lines in that poem,for her to remember and reminis
    ” I Doubted If I Would Ever Come Back”. 1997
    I doubted if I would ever come back
    to the woman I was in the fast lane track
    The worker,the Mother,The friend the Wife

    The last lines are these….
    Not in weeks,months or years
    but when in my time I will be
    Lusty,unbending and strong like my Lemon Tree.
    For I am the one that matters in life.

    I liken it to finding one’s Lemuria
    It is on our doorstep
    It is not in distant lands
    It is here where our strength is gained
    It is where there was and is such happiness
    It is where we have toiled for this to occur
    It is
    Our North
    Our South
    Our East
    Our West
    It is from experiences in life good and bad that friendship,understanding,love and respect,growth are born
    This woman received and receives them all ” In Abundance”
    And is now healed and able to return all that was given.

    Lois ( Muse of the Sea) Saturday 12th of January 2008. .

  3. Heather, I can see that you have so many, many beautiful memories with Darryl. And it is inevitable and right that you are still in love with him.

  4. Heather,
    You have been our Muse, our Bhudda, our Teacher, our Sister and our Friend.

    In the silence
    A gentle flame is lit
    Fired by love
    Fueled by trust
    A candle that
    Never burns away.

    A candle burns on my altar, vibrant, passionate red: for the love that transcends Time and Space.

    “Heather and Darryl
    sittin in a tree
    First comes love
    Then comes marriage
    Then comes Darryl
    Pushin’ a baby carriage!”
    😛 😛 😛
    For the innocence of your love.

    Hugs, comfort, and smiles

  5. Your memories, Heather dear, are the treasure you will carry with you for all time. And yours were obviously such happy memories. They will grow in you like a plant from a seed and will forever bring you joy. Something, some event, will spring into your mind at some odd moment, perhaps when you’re cleaning house, shopping, meeting a friend for lunch, and you’ll stand momentarily with that special smile on your face. Feast on those memories for they are yours alone and they will keep Darryl alive in your heart.

    Love and hugs,

  6. My heart aches for you, Heather. I get so mad sometimes when I think of how unfair life can be. But I also see the strong love between you and Darryl, and that never ever dies.

    I’ll be flying out to Utah on the 19th and will give Darryl a shout out from the skies for you. Well, a quiet shout lest an Air Marshall puts me in custody. But a shout nonetheless.

    Love and Hugs to you,


  7. Dorian and I went to one of our “Seanna places” last night. A restaurant we’d taken her to every week for many years. The staff wept openly when they heard she’d died. I wanted – felt that I needed to go to some familiar Seanna place. I regretted my choice when I felt Dorian grasp my hand across the table and looked up to see him helplessly weeping. Eventually were both crying and smiling and remembering.

    I thought of you then, right then, as he held my hand and we offered words of encouragement to each other, that we’ll be alright and all that stuff. Some of the tears I cried right then fell for you, Heather, knowing that our losses are incomparably different in many ways. All the hands reaching out to you at once won’t be as warm and encouraging as the one hand you want, I know, but I can only hope it’s worth something to you.

    Thinking of you…


  8. dear Heather,
    I wish you peace and joy in remembrance of things past but in the knowledge that your beloved Darryl travels with you in the present and in the future. You are blessed indeed to have known such love.

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