Secret Grotto

Raven Guide

A few days after your visit to Sibyl’s Tree you return, looking to explore further. When you were in the chamber you realised that there were doors that led deeper within the tree. Like the young woman who could not resist using the one key that Blue Beard forbade her to use, you cannot help yourself. The desire to discover more is simply too strong.

Upon arriving at the tree you crawl in the narrow opening, knowing now that it will adjust to you and your size. There is still a strong smell of wood and moss and it is damp and moist inside. Within the darkness you reach and touch the walls and you can feel the blood pulsating through the veins of this living organism. Your eyes adjust to the darkness quite quickly this time and now you move forward without any hesitation. The path is familiar.

You come to the end of a passageway. In the centre of the side is a doorway made of two immense upright stones topped by a massive lintel. There are two torches burning at the door providing light for the entrance into a cavern. You emerge into a shadowy great hall. Today it is empty. There is no one waiting to talk to you. For a brief moment you wonder if you should have taken it upon yourself to return but then you notice that one of the doors is adjar and so you make your way through it.

The door leads to a landing and you carefully make your way down some stairs. To your surprise it is lit with torches. The passageway leads to another cavern. You can see beyond the cavern. There is water, lush green grass and a jetty where small boats are moored. The sunlight sparkles off it. Across the lake is a deep green wood.

As you walk out on to the jetty your feel a crisp cool breeze upon your face and you sigh with contentment. You spin and swirl, admiring the beauty of this tranquil setting. All is quiet. You sit upn a stone that is shaped as if it is a chair. It is just the right size for you. As you enjoy the beauty of this natural setting you are aware of a rustling and out of the corner of your eye you discern a movement.

Something comes to you. It may soar from above or come to you on foot. The creature offers you passage upon one of the boats that are moored nearby………

Tree Spirit


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