Kookaburra – A Spirit Bird

Ten months since Darryl’s death it is still a struggle. The left and right parts of my brain appear to be at war with one another. The left fills me with doubts and uncertainties while the right wants me to rebuild and fearlessly seek out treasure. A new meditative tool has appeared as a result of my shiatsu therapist. I have found the work of Ted Andrews. Animal Speak and Animal Wise are two books that are near my bedside table and I have decided to learn more about my animal totems. Raven and dog have been with me for a long time but today a new guide emerged.


General Description:

The kookaburra is a large, Australian species of kingfisher. It is a carnivorous bird and has developed some fame as being a snake and lizard killer. Kookaburras are famous for their cackling call which sounds unmistakably like raucous laughter. Kookaburras are intelligent and quite social, and can become quite tame at picnic spots, accepting handouts from people. Kookaburras mate for life, and both care for the young. Offspring are known to remain and help care for new families. A kookaburra’s beak can reach 10cm in length. They are predated upon by foxes, cats and raptors.

Lessons and Challenges:

The presence of kookaburra in a reading (or in your observations) indicates that it is a time of signals and omens. Kookaburra is a strong, bold energy which tends to resonate with god energies. Pay attention to opportunities around you, and listen to nature and to the world around you, you may find that you are being given some important messages at this time.

The kookaburra encourages us to use laughter as a form of healing. Laughter can be a positive force for the body, even when we force it and we don’t really ‘feel’ it. Laughter between people is a way that reinforces bonding and helps us to enjoy life even when things are very tough. Look at how much you laugh every day, chances are if kookaburra has flown into your life you could stand to laugh a little more. It is time to turn your hurt into happiness, and the power of laughter is a great road to doing just that.

Kookaburra draws our attention to family, and our family relationships. Often kookaburra energy suggests that family connections are important in our lives at this time, either because of rivalry (particularly amongst siblings) or because we are looking at our role within the family unit. Ask yourself what your responsibilities are to your family, and what their responsibilities are to you. If you feel you are not being honoured or respected enough by your blood relations, ask yourself if you have given them the honour and respect you feel you deserve.

Kookaburra has a very powerful healing energy, and its presence in a reading or in your life can indicate a time when profound healing is occurring. This healing is not just happening to you, but to people around you, and creates a more healthful ripple effect that creates positive changes to come. Kookaburra can indicate that the querent has reached the end of a difficult journey, and new healthful growth has already begun.

The best way to end old patterns that no longer help us, is by confronting why we developed them in the first place. Often we develop bad habits or negative thought patterns because of fear and insecurities. Kookaburra is the energy of conquering fears and in turn, ending old patterns that aren’t nourishing. If there is a particular habit that you’re not happy with, working with kookaburra energy can help to dissolve it.

Everyone has personal truths, these might be thoughts, or ethics that particularly resonate with who you are as a person. A personal truth for example, might involve recognising that you are an artist or a healer at heart, or could indicate that you will stand up for your beliefs, gender, race or sexuality. Kookaburra helps you to hunt down your truths, and these truths enable you to recognize your own inner strength. In turn, you are able to teach your truths to others, and also aid others in finding and recognizing their own truths. You may find yourself teaching others in an informal setting, by sharing your passions and your beliefs with others.

From a light-hearted position, kookaburra encourages us to better woo our partners and our friends. It is time to shower them with presents even if it is not their birthday! If you have no money, you can hand-make cards or presents, cook them sweets or food, or even just gift them with your presence and attention. Let the people around you know that they are loved.

The Shadow Aspects:

Kookaburra’s shadow energy is very confrontational, and can teach harsh and abrasive lessons. Kookaburra teaches us the value of family. We cannot take our children, or our parents for granted, even if they do not seem to ‘nourish’ us on the surface. Family should be respected no matter what, no matter what arguments take place, no matter how you have been deceived, no matter how you have deceived others. Kookaburra forces you to confront issues relating to ‘family,’ either by constantly bringing family drama to the surface, or by highlighting how lonely you feel without a strong sense of what it is to have a family.


Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Kookaburra energy – particularly in Australia – is quite forthcoming and bold, and while it may be an easy energy to ‘contact,’ kookaburra is not always an easy guide to communicate with! In my own spiritual encounters, kookaburra can be quite harsh and clipped, delivering short (and sometimes cryptic) messages. However, this will change depending on what kookaburra is trying to teach you! Remember to be respectful, kookaburra is a predator, and has a very proud energy.

from Wildspeak, Totem Dictionary – perfect for Australians

Kookaburra Flies in Bringing Memories


courtesy of WildSpeak 

As a small child my favourite Sunday outing was a visit to the Arches, a place I have written about on this site. The Arches, on the Dargo Road, approximately eight kilometer outside Briagolong, in East Gippsland, Victoria was the enchanted world that I was privileged to regularly visit with my parents, brothers and sister during the 1950’s. One of my strongest memories is of Archie Hair, feeding a ‘pet’ Kookaburra small pieces of sausage. Archie and his Kookaburra taught me about light, laughter and treasure, about prospecting and searching for gold. As I try to rebuild my life this does seem to be a challenge that faces me.

67 thoughts on “Kookaburra – A Spirit Bird

    1. I’m house sitting in inner city suburb, South Yarra in Victoria. Many a morning, my alarm clock is a laughing kookaburra couple. Today I had finished my run along the Yarra River & near Como park; I had the fortune to see the pair in a large gum tree eating a snake they each had caught! Absolute bliss! Lyn Z

    2. I looked this up because I have had many encounters with the kookaburra in the past few weeks couldn’t be more spot on very eerie

  1. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge on this beautiful Australian bird, the mighty King Fisher.
    I have learned alot, and feel I have understood the connection that has been occuring with myself and my beloved 17yo sick cat & the kookaburras in the park that we visit.
    Thankyou, and many thanx

    Tracey Lewis

  2. can anyone help me, a kookaburra came and tried to peck my toes, in the morning, and then again in the afternoon
    what does this mean
    regards sandra

    1. How fantastic to have such direct communication with such a magical creature. Whether it means something or not you are rather privileged. My intuition tells me that he wanted your attention – perhaps to tell you that he is your totem. Do you have a health problem with your feet? Perhaps kookaburra energy will help you deal with emotional issues leading to foot problems. Feet are very important to our well being. Get a foot massage or soak them in hot water with bath salts or bubble bath, and relax.

      I had a rather magical experience with kookaburras where I saw a family of five on a Tv antenna two houses away and I ‘called’ them to me (in my mind).
      Soon after they flew into my yard and sat on my clothesline. I quietly observed them for half an hour. A month or so later, I experienced dramas which required the whole extended family to pull together which they did effortlessly. After reading this site I now realise that the appearance of the kookaburras was a sign of the importance of my own family.

      1. I actually had a kookaburra let me pat it yesterday it was so unreal and beautiful not sure what that means.

    2. your feet aren’t glued to the ground. move your feet.

      see if this applies to your life. take on only what resonates as truth.

  3. I noticed a kookaburra on my washing line yesterday,and felt very humbled that he had come to visit, so I took my camera, and took some photos of him, he let me get quite close, there was one in particular what struck me, was that when I put them on to my computer, i could see that he was watching me the whole time, my family lives quite a distance away, and we are not all that close, and sometimes I feel alone, but upon reflection of the photo’s I took,I think he was telling me that I may feel that they don’t think of me much, but that they always have at least one eye on me, just like he did.

    1. 14/9/2021. A pair of kookaburras landed on my clothes line just now and belted our a loud laugh which led me outside to look at them. I refilled the bird bath with some fresh water.
      Filmed them and shared it with my cousin and searched for what it could mean spiritually.
      Is it time to move on after the death of my soulmate and the subsequent grief which has lead to me feeling lonely and disconnected from my siblings. Is it now time to find more laughter in my life, recently my cousins have been txting each day with something we are grateful for and sometimes we have made each other laugh. It’s been 7 and a bit years since he passed. I’m welcoming this visit as a spiritual sign of change if many things.
      I’m so grateful to find this page.
      I feel honoured.

  4. I had a kookaburra on my clothes line when I got out of bed this morning. The meaning is so appropriate. I am honoured to have nature confirm what is happening around me. He was still there when I left for work.

  5. I had a baby kookaburra nesting in the vents above my oven, obviously lost his way. A few days later he fell through and was sitting on the window sill, when I looked into the vent to see if there was a nest mother kookaburra had sent down leaves to feed him.
    On rescue, baby kookaburra was taken and placed back in his nest a block away from my home – walking back you could here all the kookaburras laughing with joy baby had returned … it has only been 5 days and all the kookaburras have moved in to my yard and the laughter is quite loud. Reading the omens and meanings of the kookaburra – my son returns home tomorrow after 2 years working away and my daughter phoned in distress having car problems – could there be any other signs I’m missing?

  6. Hi, can anyone help to explain or tell me the meaning of this… i have had for a few months a kookaburra fly and sit on my balcony and just sit there and look… it would sit there for about 15mins each time….then it was about 2 months that the kookaburra did not return … as of 2 days ago the kookaburra has returned… i would love to know the reason or message it is trying to deliver.
    thanks josie

    1. We had the same message just last night… definitely a message of some sort and it was a wild Kookaburra, not a tame sausage eater. He just sits there and looks at us, doesn’t like us getting to close or he opens his mouth but within 2 feet of him he’s ok. Just watches calmly.

      1. maybe you have a family member thinking and missing you that you havent seen for some time maybe it is time to visit that family member and reconnect life is too short not to contact family reguarly x love and light , amazing our birds all have a message to bring spiritually as a sign from family and friends x

  7. I had a dream earlier this morning. I was caught in a downpoor and was trying to stay dry with a small umbrella when a baby Kookaburra came to me, perched on my finger and for the rest of my dream everywhere I went this baby kookaburra stayed with me. He would sit on my shoulder or on my finger and I would make sure to protect him. He was absolutely adorable and very sweet. This dream makes so much sense for me right now, in fact I asked the Bird Kingdom just yesterday to send me the perfect bird energy to help me change my old negative thought patterns and to help with healing. Isn’t it amazing, all we need to do is ask : )

  8. My beloved mum passed away about 6 weeks ago. On the morning of the funeral a kookaburra was sitting on the washing line. He looked and looked at me turning his head to the side as if giving me a look of sympathy. He always comes to visit me now. Yesterday he was on the back fence for at least 2 hours. I am really taking the loss of my mum so hard. We lived together and I miss her terribly. When I see the Kookaburra it fills me with hope that mum is OK and is still watching over me.

      1. Not recently thanks Geraldine! The Kookaburra was one of those small teachers who came at just the right moment 🙂 Generally, it is the Raven who I seek support from.

  9. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories. Kookaburras have been trying to get through to me for some time – three baby birds fell from their nest, one after the other … the first one i didn’t even notice and found as a tiny skeleton… the second one i tried to rescue and fed it worms for days before it died (the nest had been washed away in all the rain so i couldn’t put it back) … the third one had secondary feathers so I put it in a nest i made of a hollow log, right beneath the original mud nest, but it too ended up dying (I took it to the animal rescue team too late). Now a solitary adult is sitting on our street sign every time i come home at night… it flew right up to the windscreen the other night, as if to say “Take Notice!” That’s how i ended up here. Big fight with big sister… dad dying… all makes sense. Except the baby birds… haven’t quite got that one yet…

  10. i have just moved into a unit and i have two kookaburra who frequently visit my balcony. my daughter and i named one – kookie, and the other burra. kookie seems so friendly and just waits on the balcony looking in for someone. i can hand feed him he is a beautiful bird. burra, is a little timid and will wait on the balcony but fly away when someone goes out. they recently both disappeared for a couple of days, i was worried they had gone for good. but just this afternoon they returned. i looked out my window and FOUR of them were sitting waiting on the balcony. when i got outside only one flew away. 2 of them i could hand feed the other just sat there. i feel they are all here for some reason.

  11. I have two kookaburra’s living around our property at the moment, they only go off when I come outside or first thing in the morning when I get up. . . .I am still trying to figure out the meaning to this, any help would be appreciated 🙂

  12. My father who has terminal cancer was recently in hospital, had a Kookaburra arrive and perch on the windowsill. He sat and just looked at us for quite a long time. I and some nurses got right up close and took photo’s. It was very much like he was a messenger. Which is what led me to this site. Thank you so much – the message is as you say here – very appropriate to what is going on within our family.
    Do you know anything about whip birds?
    I was sitting on my boyfriends verandah playing my guitar and singing all morning when much to my surprise and astonishment a whip bird flew in – whipped at me and flew off! It was very loud too. I’d only ever heard them call from afar before and never had I seen one much less had such a dramatic visit from one before ever in my life. Two bird visits in as many days! I’m extremely curious to know of the significance of this.

  13. I took photos of two Kookaburras last week in my backyard on a tree.They didn’t seem to mind at all and the photos turned out awesome,so I put them up on flicker…it looked like they (Kookaburras) were looking bull’s eye directly at me…it felt nice to have that privilege of being so close to a native bird..I’m not supersitious,but I think to the Aboriginal people this bird has a meaning….

  14. I was just crying about the long and ongoing issues I’m having with my neighbour which I dont know how it started. I have attempted to apologise in the past for whatever I unintentionally did to her but she refused to come to the front door.

    It has escalated so that we were both protecting our egos and the police got involved most recently. I always notice her family and friends around and I believe that it was to remind me to reconnect with family and friends which I did.

    However the ego trips turned up again yesterday when she tried to play chicken with my husband on the road for what reason I’m unsure of. I was so sad today that all my attempts at peace were not working and I felt helpless. We could be such good friends. Our children could be such wonderful friends if we just talked it out. Suddenly I heard an over powering laughter of Kookaburras which have never visited me at my workplace. The moment I acknowledged their sounds (could not see each other) they stopped and must have flown away.

    There was a family of them. It was the loudest most amazing laugh I’ve ever heard. I was so desperate to get a message that all would be OK and I think I received it. I’m not sure however of their message. I hope it’s a good message because I really want to see a new chapter of friendship start. I’ve had my fair share of family issues, issues that no one can really understand….such as my own sister who was my best friend decide she didn’t want to talk to me for one and a half years, my sister in law deciding she didn’t want to be friends because I maintained a friendship with her cousins after they fought, my mother in law turning on me after a 17 year friendship.

    I feel lonely and want friends and family in my life and more often.

    If anyone can shed light on what this means, I would be eternally grateful.

  15. Hi, my name is Cristina Munoz and I had a Kookaburra visit me recently 3 times. It was so dramatic I ended up researching what it means to have a Kookaburra visit you and came across your site and found it so helpful I wrote a whole post about my own personal experience with my ‘Mr Kookaburra’ who visited me 3 times and also included in my post a link back to your blog post here. I thought you might want to know and enjoy my post about ‘Mr Kookaburra’ which includes a video he let me take plus a couple of photo’s at: http://wp.me/pXvkw-1Q2. Thank you as what you shared as you will see was spot on for me and he certainly help be get my laughter back.

  16. Hey All, Help me interprite please as I know it is very significant- a few days after finding out I was pregnant I rescued a Kookaburra that had been stunned by a car from the middle of a very busy road. It allowed me to pick it up and was almost to peaceful and at first I thought it was going to die but as that thought entered my head it looked at me and I knew it would be ok. I drove it to a park and sat with it on my lap until it started moving. I put it on the grass and it wiped its beak on my knee looked at me and flew up in the tree. This morning 3weeks later, on my way to work in the middle of the hiway i stopped for anothe kookaburra who had been hit. He was not as old as the first and perhaps had a bit more life in him but again he allowed me to pickk him up and looked me in the eye and again I knew he was going to be ok. I put him at the base of a fence post and again waited until he was ready to fly. He also wiped his beak on my knee flew to the top of the fence post andwiped his beak on my for arm. I touched his chest told him to stay away from the rad and he watched me leave.
    I am a very proud Gomeroi woman and I know these encounters are very significant. I am not worried, actually it feels more like an honnor but I am extreamly curious as to the meaning and the significance to my being pregnant. I believe I am having a boy (with my last 4 children the feeling has always been right). Can anyone shed some light on my amazing encounters please.

    1. Helping an injured kookaburra was the beginning of a long and ongoing journey into kookaburra medecine. I say long, but I feel very small and young in the kookaburra world. I live in a city and don’t get to spend a lot of time with them in person so progress is slow.

      perhaps these injuries were perfect synchronicity to allow you to have a close encounter and start to form a personal connection.

      from here I recommend learning to do any of the calls they make. go out into the bush and listen carefully. try to copy even the smallest part of a call. gradually over time the kookaburra spirit will respect your efforts to connect and lessons will begin to come.

      The only point i will make is to remember the power of the silent kookaburra, relaxed, watching, ready to take action when the timing is right. Reserve the laughter for the right moments. Kookaburras aren’t doing their calls all the time.

  17. Have just found your site after googling meaning of kookaburras – great synergies with the stories of other and kookaburras who I started noticing after being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. Amazingly I had just grabbed my Animal Speak book by Ted Andrews so think this and the writings above are exactly what I need now as I work to discover my mothering role with my teenage boy who is “leaving my nest”. Thanks for a wonderful site – I wish you all well on your jounerys in this realm.

  18. All my life I have been in awe of God’s beloved creatures whenever they have visited me…originally from NZ I am aware what the many signs and messages brought to me meant….but not so of Australian signs/messages….yest. My husband and I heard a loud commotion on our balcony rail…we stepped onto balc. & saw a motley molting large kookaburra laying down opening its mouth widely but no sound was coming out at that moment and a very young healthy looking kookaburra flapping and sqwarking…we chatted to them, they listened, both lay their heads down quietly then flew happily away together. They revisted us again today at the same time we went through the same procedure as yest. They stayed longer today and were both very noisey

  19. I too stumbled across this site today i was out at a park yesterday i had wanted to see for ages as i made my way home after a long and peaceful reflection i found a kookaburra feather on the ground my partner who passed away 6 years ago was a local indegenous person and i still miss him what is the signifcance of this i have bought the feather home and keep it in my computer i also hace seen kookaburras a few times outside my home? i feel very privliged finding this.

  20. I also admire the kookaburra. Today at work I had a kookaburra near me. He was with me all day. I work outdoors. He was being harrassed by miner birds, but this didnt seem to bother him much he kept coming back, sitting close to me. At first I thought this was a bad omen. But upon reading he article, and comments, I feel blessed. My life at the moment is very crazy. I feel abandend. But now not so much. My kookaburra came I think & hope to let me know, im not alone. Thankyou

  21. as much as i love reading the stories people are telling of the mystical powers of kookaburra…it is a wonderfull thought…I have 5 to 7 that come to visit me every afternoon I cut rolled dog food up into small peices for them there is one that jumps up on my arm now when I walk out with the food for them,yes truely a gift of some sort maybe nothing more than mother nature at her best…and I allso have butcher birds that vivit and even come to the kitchen table…when I open the door,so now Im getting a nickname as thec birdman I love it 🙂

  22. I was wondering I had a Kookaburra on my mail box today what does this mean?? could you please tell me

  23. Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could help me.
    I was driving down to nsw yesterday and a kookaburra flew directly in front of my car windscreen, I freaked out and slammed on my brakes. I got out to check the road behind me and I didn’t see it anywhere..?
    Usually I wouldn’t worry about this sort of thing, but it happened again, further down the road. Both times, I couldn’t find the kookaburra anywhere.
    Does this mean something?

  24. Hi that allways seems to happen alot with Kookaburras …they tend to allways fly low…and yes I have nearly hit one at times …most probably you were amougst a family of them and was just a matter of bad timeing for you and the kooka,s Its nice to know you stopped to check if they were o.k. and really one should stop as all our birds are special 🙂

  25. Amazing, exactly what has just happened in my life. I was having a moment of ‘profound healing’ of an old family pattern and as I looked at a tree to my left, there was a kookaburra and I knew it was there to be with me in that healing moment.

  26. amazingly spot on we have had 3 Kookaburra, come onto the land since bubs, watched them grow and on Saturday morning we heard the first laughter. I have gone through huge shift and it connects in with all the readings. Thank YOU

  27. For the past week every morning and afternoon when I go out onto our back deck there is a kookaburra in a branch 5 metres from the deck. He then comes over to the railing and sits and watches me. I have been going through a particularly difficult time in the last twelve months. Seeing this beautiful bird and reading the article has certainly lifted my spirits. I feel he is there as message for me as he stays in the tree whenever other people are around.

    1. yes Sharon…maybe the beautiful “kookaburra” is asking for some “tip bits”…you should feed him… they become very good friends, and they will listen to every thing you have to tell them. they look straight back at you with an answer..!!!!.either way this is a gift to have Australia,s iconic bird come to visit you …give him something to eat …they truly become a pet and a gift from the” creator of some sorts” enjoy the moment with the bird and have him jump on your arm …that is healing in itself……

  28. The other day there were 6 kookaburras all in a tree as I arrived at a house to begin work. What on earth does 6 kookaburras mean?? They were laughing their heads off.

  29. Hi Thankyou for your words of wisdom..I absolutely Love the Energy of the Kookaburra teaching us all to remember to laugh, it really helps us not to take life so serious and to enjoy our time on Earth…
    Over the last 5 months I have Kookaburras around me everyday helping me to remember the truth of who I am and the importance of Family.

  30. I’ve also had several kookaburra experiences recently, which brought me to this site — the third today. The first time last weekend a kookaburra (male) flew to a branch above my head while I was gardening, chased by noisy miners. I managed to shoo them and he stayed and flew down right to my feet and took some insects I dug up for him. The second time (yesterday) he allowed me to come quite close and take photos while he watched the neighbour’s pool. (Same bird I think?) Today he was closer to house, on the clothesline, then pool railing. On a whim, I called him tapped the railing next to me. He flew over to the spot. I presume someone has been feeding him, but it was strange all the same. I took more photos and we watched each other and then – horribly – something barrelled down from the sky right into him. Another kookaburra. I was shocked as was the friendly kookaburra I think. Both birds flew way — I checked twice to make sure the friendly one wasn’t on the ground hurt. After feeling delighted with the visit of the friendly kookaburra, I now feel terribly down and worried I was responsible for him possibly getting hurt. I know they are very territorial animals and it’s ‘nature’, but even so, it was a shock and sad. I hesitate to ask what it means as it doesn’t feel good and this year has been quite terrible so far with repeated shock bad news regarding family and work partnerships. Is there a positive way to look at this?

  31. Hello .A friend told me about this site and so I desided to visit it.my story goes..My daughter Purenia jnr and her husband Matt,gave birth to my beautiful grandson.His name is Brayden on the 22.2.2013.he got sick in hospital and evenutally passed away on the 15.2.2013.He was 7 weeks old.There is still a lot of questions why he was taken from us,and I still have not stopped greiving for him..He is our little angle..We bought him home from Brisbane to Grafton and on the way home I was in the car behind my daughter and her husband and in the sky was a cloud and above that cloud was a face of my little Brayden,It was there for a few minutes and than disappeared.And than we had to pull over to get feul,and I spoke to my daughter about it ,she was disappointed that she didnt get to see it.But she said that when she looked out of the car window that she kept seeing a kookaburra and it was following us home.We lived in NSW 4 hrs away from Brisbane.And so on our journy home he was there .And when we got home he was there too.We had my grandson for a few days to spend time with him and to grieve for him before we had to take him to the funeral home.I would not change the time we had..But i had to go to my Aunts 50th that weekend ,wasnt looking forward to it.But on the day of the party it was raining a bit and all i could here were kookaburras singing and i new that Brayden was with me,,and than that afternoon i was so upset in seeing all my baby cousins,and it was still raining there on the fence were the kookaburras.They ended up fling away excepyt one .it just sat there for a while than it flew closer .It was purched on the close line and just looked at me ..I just said to him I love you Brayden and missed you..At his funeral I gave my daughter a kookaburra pendant so that she would be close to him at his funeral.And at the funeral there was a kookaburra out side singing..Every where I go I here them.Sometimes there are 2 out the back of my place and they are laughing .They dont come close as i have 2 small dogs and they would scare them away..My next door neighbour feeds a young one and i sit and watch it when he is around.I do believe that every time there is a kookaburra around me or my family it is my grandson saying that he is ok and is watching over us..There is more to this story but only share a bit of it with you guys,,BUT I KNOW THAT MY GRANDSON IS WITH ME (US) EVERYTIME I HEAR THEM SINGING AND IT GIVES ME JOY THAT HE IS THERE..i MISS HIM SO MUCH..EVERY DAY i CRY AND WHEN HIS NAME IS MENTIONED i CRY,,Thankyou very much for what i have read about the kookaburra,it gives me more peace.Thankyou to the kookaburras Spirit Bird for helping me and my family and everyone else…thankyou for reading it ( was hard in typing this) But reading about what the kookaburra bird is meaning helped me a lot now i will share it with my daughter and family and it will help them too to understand too..thankyou again…

    1. After reading your story Purenia, I feel compelled to share with you my own personal story of happiness and heartache. Firstly let me say how sorry I am for your loss, I too have had my share of sorrow and grief. It all began for me not long after my father passed away, I was only 21. I did not know if my father was a believer in god as he was not a very religious sort of person. That bothered me. So one day I asked to an empty room “dad if you are ok send me a sign, if I see a kookaburra tomorrow I will know its from you and that you are at peace”. Well the next day I went to visit my sister in law and had quite forgotten all about it. We were in the middle of a conversation when she stopped talking and said to me ” oh look at that kookaburra, I’ve never had one so close to the house before” sure enough there he was just sitting and watching us from the railing outside the window. That’s when I remembered what I had asked of my Dad.
      I instantly felt assured that he was ok and I need not worry about him anymore. Since that time I have lost my beloved brother, my lovely auntie and my best friend my mum, and I have to tell you there is always a kookaburra present at there passing, it is just too much to be coincidental. I am a big believer in the magic and power of the beautiful birds. They are messengers. Whenever we have a special family function they show up at some time in the day and just sit on a fence and watch for a while before flying away. It is like they are reminding us that they are still here and still very much with us. They have brought me such joy and peace within myself and I love it every time I hear their laugh. Hope they help to heal your pain as we’ll.I hope my story helps you in some way. Xx

  32. I just had two Kookaburras visit me.. one rested on my deck rail about 1 foot from me on my yoga towel.. he started pecking on it crazily.. (Im a yoga teacher) and his mate next to him.. they were so close. I have seen them before. I wanted to tell them a joke but couldn’t think of one but the thought made me laugh anyway.. my mother is very unwell now, I am sad to see her suffer and vulnerable.. I wonder what the kookaburra was trying to show me with my yoga towel..maybe he just liked the colour.. its not at all tasty.. maybe he thought it was meat lol

  33. I encountered 9 kookaburras today, 4 of them allowed me to touch and hold them , they chattered and interacted with each other and myself. They seemed quite content with us around, it was a wonderful experience.

    1. Jacqui wow you are very lucky to have that many visit you- some people believe that one shouldn’t feed wild birds- bah with that- I know that they can certainly look after themselves by hunting its such a beautiful feeling to touch and hold such a beautiful bird 🙂

  34. As far as i know this bird is not a good one as it takes her eggs and puts them in other birds basket and never never sits on the the eggs themselves.

  35. I have a phobia of birds yet love Crows & Kookaburras.
    I don’t see nor Kookaburras but over the last 6 weeks I’m seeing them at least once a week (different ones) half of the time there in pairs or 3s & there laughing – does this mean anything? The last time I had this happen I was pregnant & had a Kookaburra who would come & sit on my washing line every morning every night …. Sorry if this makes no sense I’m not the best at wording things …

  36. I have a kookaburra visit me over the last 2 weeks the first time he was tapping his beak quite loudly on my bedroom door i went to check out the noise and he just perched on the railing and sat there forawhile.He came back about 2 days ago and also just now at eight o clock.Not sure if this means anything but he makes me smile.I call him Neddy .

  37. I built a Mars (energising) labyrinth in my backyard 3 days ago. As I began kookaburras laughed loudly directly above me as if to herald the build. Wow! I felt blessed. I later realised that the huge termite mound up in that tree is in fact the kookaburras’ nest… even better.
    I am certainly letting go of old and welcoming new- having resumed Yoga teaching after a Sabbatical. This is such an exciting time for me AND my parents are my students for the first time too.

  38. As much as im in conflict with those around me, the important conflict i am experiencing is within myself and your analogy was both insightful and comforting. Both descriptive and open for thought in journey. I am laughing and its hard but definitly needed. The cry of my koockaburra friend was reassuring in that i heard it and i felt it and im with it. And atm im listening. Amen and my gratitude goes out to you for this read x Amanda Lee

  39. a friend told me that when you hear a kookaburra laugh, there are bad times ahead, since then everytime we hear a kookaburra something bad follows..we lost both our jobs one time we became sick the second time, and the third time after my husband got a job he lost it and his face puffed up, the fourth time we lost our marraige , everytime we hear the kookaburras we have bad luck . what are your views on that. Our family is small and loving adding grandchildren and supportive, reading your meanings of the laugh do not match with my experiences an emu came to stay for a while i was told it meant, endureance, he came to stay to help us endure the bad times, have you ever heard of this.

  40. Argh a kookaburra just flew into our windscreen and died. ( we are driving home through town to our farm). It was bizarre as we were in town driving slow . How sad. Bad luck for me then I guess!

  41. Kookaburras eat bread that I throw into the yard to feed our lorikeets, cockatoos, blue eyed honey eaters, minah birds, galahs, doves, pigeons, magpies & crows. Wild birds of nature enjoy free feed.

  42. Hi Heather,

    Interested in what you may think of this, it was my 43rd birthday yesterday and I came home to find a kookaburra in my house in fact in my bedroom, He must have come in my back door as I leave it open for my dog. It appeared that he could not fly but otherwise was healthy. I caught him and took him outside. (this was at night) but he didn’t fly away. So I happened to have a cage so I put him in that gave him some food and covered the cage to keep him safe and so I could take him to the vets the next day. When I uncovered the cage in the morning he was very lively, so I opened the cage and he flew away. I was wondering what this might mean especially seeing it was on my birthday.

    Cheers Ian

  43. Almost exactly 2 weeks after my daughter died and the night following her cremation I heard a kookaburra laugh. It was about 2am and in the city where we don’t get kookaburras. I’ve felt it was taking my daughter’s spirit and sending me a reassurance.
    At least I would like to believe that.

  44. I looked this up because I have had many encounters with the kookaburra in the past few weeks couldn’t be more spot on very eerie

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