Whispers in the wind

Whispers in the Wind

I hear your voice whispering in the wind.

Words sweet and low, barely heard,

But there,

Calling out to me,

And thee and thee and thee.

I hear you voice whispering in the wind,

Words that speak of pain

And bring tears to my eyes,

Hurt to my heart.

You are, my friend, solid and dependable,

An artist, a loving human being,

Asking for little,

But now in need—

I am listening—We are listening

For your whispering in the wind,

For your laughter once again,

And your words.

Your call, my friend, has been heeded.

I am here, we are here,

Sending healing thoughts across the miles,

Over land and sea,

And in the wind.


September 29, 2007


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I am an author, poet, and digital photographer.

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