A candle has been lighted…

A candle has been lighted in the Temple of Solace

for all those who hurt tonight, who are fearful of what the

future holds, who wait on the edge, hoping and believing

that the Universe will work things out for the best

and will give life in unending abundance.


Lori Gloyd (c) 2007


8 thoughts on “A candle has been lighted…”

  1. I have just checked my post, I am so sorry. Light a candle from me to. I hope it’s light warms and brightens just a little. It purpose is to remind you that I care. Susan Preston

  2. I will light my candle
    For all who seek the light
    For those who need and know it not
    For those who seek and find it not
    For those who cry
    I hold my light
    Up high

  3. A candle to bring peace to a grieving heart, courage to a mind overwhelmed, and faith to a stricken soul. May you be blessed.

  4. Candles lit from all of us – real and virtual
    Candles to carry our prayers and hopes and condolences
    To the heavens and to others

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