Valley of Death

Enchanteur Valley Death

I can no longer
Roam the valley of death
Seeking my true love
for he is not there.

I open my eyes and
see him
in the faces of my children
I listen and
hear him
whispering softly
feel his gentle caress
pushing me away
from death
insisting I live.


5 thoughts on “Valley of Death”

  1. As you struggle back to the land of the living, I light your spirit’s sky with purest cerulean to chase away the clouds of grief.

    I wrap your memories in cloth of gold, for in every one of them, ‘lost’ ones find immortality.

    Your heart is swathed in clear deep green, the shade of healing, rebirth, and renewal.

    Your will is lit with brilliant red, the colour of life and passion.

    I snuggle all of you in love and sisterhood, know that you are never alone,and always loved.

    Love, hugs and kisses,

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