Honouring the Dead

Honour the blessed dead,
as self would honour self,
They are wise as the stars,
float, breathe, glow, flow,
Their ever-turning universe,
the Green Dragon,
sages, robes,
The Wise,
fire by, like flames propelled
by a different force,
believed in, known.

The Unknowable and the
unknowing, is accepted
and overseen, without
judgement or speculation,
yet it is wise beyond
earth’s knowing.

Honour the blessed dead.

(Inspired by Rupert Brooke’s “Clouds”.)

(copyright Imogen Crest 2007.)


Knowing virtually nothing about Rupert Brooke, yet being led to this piece of perfection in poetry on a very difficult subject, I decided to find out more about him. In my mind, when I read his words, I assumed he was a wise, elderly gentleman who had lived out a long life of rich meaning. This can be seen in his sage-like use of words, expressed way beyond the usual understanding. However, it was the biggest surprise to find him a wise old sage of twenty-seven when he died, though with much experience behind him, nonetheless. Here is the link to the Rupert Brooke Society. So I guess what I am really doing is paying homage to him, for in my own difficult time, his words have brought comfort to me. Viva, Rupert Brooke, 1887-1915, “Clouds” was written in 1913 when he was in service in the First World War at twenty-six.


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About Seeking balance from corporate life years back in 2005, Monika Roleff stumbled across Lemuria in cyberspace, and became Imogen Crest, Time Travelling Nature Hermit, under the influence of Heather Blakey, educator and Webmistress of Soul Food Cafe – famous global writing and art group. “Imogen” has never looked back, and creates the world as she sees it, through the eyes of nature, in word and art across many eras. In “real life” Monika Roleff is a writer, nature photographer, consultant, vintage fairs/events curator and facilitator, writing fest co-ordinator, community artist, and more, with an extensive admin and retail fashion/textiles/arts background, and can be contacted on indigo_moon22 at hotmail dot com.

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