Angel Falls

angel falls

There was a great flapping of wings,
enough to cause the water to spill over the banks,
or so it was said,
this was the reason to call it Angel Falls.

I saw no angels
sitting on the bank of the river
heard no wings
flapping above my head.

Clearly the water still rushed, over the side
into a small seemingly bottomless pool
for some reason it bade me
and inexplicably I jumped.

There was a great flapping of wings
and I found myself wet and tired
on the bank of the river
beside Angel Falls.

I knew better than to look into the abyss;
how strange,
that temptation and salvation,
exist but a heartbeat apart.


Published by

aletta mes

Primary Author and Keeper of the Pages Aletta Mes, born in Amsterdam, 1954, now living in Vancouver, BC Canada I'm an opinionated old crone, but I've bloody well earned it. I still believe in the individual's opinions and energies having the possibility to change the world. Ripples from casting a stone in the water of time. Indifference is a sin, so I cannot in good conscience keep my mouth shut. Hopefully some will find it enjoyable, entertaining, or even enlightening, and I will try to hold to my personal standards of excellence and aesthetics. I welcome feedback, please use the comments section or any of the blog rating systems available on this page, it helps me to know what the reader feels and thinks about the work. For more about me check my website at aletta

5 thoughts on “Angel Falls”

  1. I tried posting a response here yesterday, but for some reason it wouldn’t accept.. so I’m trying again. This is amazing, the image and the poem meld together as two dancers aware only of each other. Wonderful work.

  2. I don’t call in here enough and am missing out on these pieces. The final verse – ‘I know better than to look into the abyss’ – resonates into the depths of my being.

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