Sandy – in memoriam

Here is my beloved Sandy – picture taken last week. To people who don’t know him well, like we do, he still looks OK – bright eyed, soft shiny fur, healthy appetite, but a bit on the thin side all the same. But to us, he has lost his spark and spends most of his time asleep and seeks human companionship all the time – a lap to sit on, the edge of the dining table when I am sorting the post, my lap or my desk if I am working at the computer.

 We have had to take the very hard decision to have him put down as he is very ill. He will be buried tomorrow at the top of the rockery beneath the peach coloured azalea. May his spirit rest in peace and walk the rainbow path to another life.

PS he died in my arms this morning. There was no need for the vet to give him the final, fatal injection. The one he gave him to put him to sleep prior to giving him the final injection was enough. He just stopped breathing while I held him in my lap stroking him. He was ready to go and for that, I am grateful  that I had the courage to go through with it. He will be much missed and grieved over for a long time to come.

Here are some of my favourite  photos of him:



a rare moment of togetherness (only in cold weather) with his former companion, Pebbles

favourite “working” position


6 thoughts on “Sandy – in memoriam”

  1. I think that your Sandy had all that a good cat needs: Love, and care, and a soft place to go when it came to those last minutes. May you be comforted by the very love you gave. Fran

  2. Your cat gave love and joy and he received love and mercy. No one (cat or human) can ask for more. Dying in the arms of a loved one is a blessing. May your many memories of life with Sandy be comforting to you over time. –Q

  3. Oh Carol. I am so glad he died in your arms. It is the most precious gift that you have given in return for so much love and joy. He will scamper joyfully down that rainbow path, find a new shape and join you within two swishes of a cat’s tail. Keep alert and you will know when he has ‘come home’. My thoughts are with you.

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