Samhain Moment


It is Samhain here in Australia. I have been thinking of Darryl constantly over the past forty eight hours in the hope that I might get a sign, some small reassurance that he has found the light and is flying free. Now you have to understand that although ravens are often nearby they rarely come in to my yard. So when I heard the call, knew it was close by, I looked up through my kitchen window and saw the most beautiful Raven perched, in the rain, on my Silver Birch. I rushed for my camera and caught the moment.




Suddenly a feeling of calm spread throughout me. My beloved has let me know he is free and safe.


4 thoughts on “Samhain Moment”

  1. Thank you for this website. I travel with you in your loss and ‘go girl!’ for your tribute to your man. I’m needing something special for a friend at the moment; that’s how I found your site. Darryl is keeping on, keeping on… he’s helping others through you… and thanks to your continuing strength and efforts at such a hard time in your life. Admire your energy ‘cos it’s pretty well expended in the leadups eh. Well done for having the focus to do this. Wish you all the best.
    And I found what I needed for my friend too on Darryl’s/your site. Thanks again.

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