An Offering

 Like many others, I saw the news from Virginia Tech with shock and disbelief. As a parent of college aged children, I could only imagine with horror what the parents of children at that institution must be feeling. This poem is for them.



For those with voices too clogged with tears

I offer this prayer

It is but a small and weak echo of what you would offer

But still I offer it until you can find your voices


I rail against a harsh and hopeless fate

That ripped my child from me

That left me standing in a puddle of tears

And blood and ruin


I beg You to tell my child

Of my love and hold my child

Tight for me again

A hold taken from me in brutality


My love for my child

Will live on forever

Even if my child


5 thoughts on “An Offering”

  1. I feel their pain. The suffering for those left behind must be virtually unendurable. It would be utterly devastating for everyone. Keep the candles alight and let us help hold those children.

  2. It is so unfair, that our love cannot keep people alive, no matter how hard we try or how much we love them…yet inside us, they are living and laughing and singing forever.

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