An Incision Of Wisdom

An Incision Of Wisdom©

” May your voice be loving enough to silence your own fears.” ….. silent lotus


4 thoughts on “An Incision Of Wisdom”

  1. As my grief intensifies, as each day brings the realisation that I will not see my loved one’s face again, words like these provide some palliation. Thank you Silent Lotus. I always appreciate your posts.

  2. Dear silentlotus,
    Why does grief feel… no not feel… why is it a pillowcase that fastens itself over my face at night and no matter how I pray for the One… the Beloved… to let me breathe, I can’t.
    How can I call such a Power… Beloved?
    Is it really permissible to get furious with God, do you think?

  3. Dear Mark Shaw,

    Not only is it permissible to get furious with God
    it is a highly healthy thing to do !!!!!

    By reaching out with such vigor to understand love
    we offer unto ourselves the gift of acceptance if
    we are prepared to listen.

    a warm smile
    silent lotus

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