Find The Light

Even when you wander in the darkest caverns       

Fall into despair and are blind to life   

Never give up;

Take the hands of those who walk with you

In the spirit of friendship and love;

Invite peace into your heart, 

Look out for the light                  

Dip your soul in its glory.                             




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I live in England.

5 thoughts on “Find The Light”

  1. FITZ SEED: “Look out for the light “

    this display of seathing energy –
    sparkes of love and creativity –
    would have no perspective
    were it not for the shadowed channel,
    birth canal – umbilicus – prayer connection,
    one – or all.

    I muse on whether I am looking
    back at what engendered even I;
    or on the the beckoning haven –

    or if it makes a difference,

    . . . . . . . . Bard of Lemuria

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