On Sparrow Wings

as the sparrow flies - animated

I have piggy backed my spirit
to the little sparrow
which wanted so much to take me

to be with friends
to celebrate
to send

a friend on a voyage
while making sure
his beloved is
well taken care of
so he need not worry

’till the moment she joins you
once more to
ride together
through a million
other adventures

till then,
in person or in spirit
we will be there for her
so do not worry

till we meet in eternity
go on the wings of all our blessings
to prepare the way,
you have earned your peace
we will dry her tears
hold her hand
and console her
do not worry
ride on



Published by

aletta mes

Primary Author and Keeper of the Pages Aletta Mes, born in Amsterdam, 1954, now living in Vancouver, BC Canada I'm an opinionated old crone, but I've bloody well earned it. I still believe in the individual's opinions and energies having the possibility to change the world. Ripples from casting a stone in the water of time. Indifference is a sin, so I cannot in good conscience keep my mouth shut. Hopefully some will find it enjoyable, entertaining, or even enlightening, and I will try to hold to my personal standards of excellence and aesthetics. I welcome feedback, please use the comments section or any of the blog rating systems available on this page, it helps me to know what the reader feels and thinks about the work. For more about me check my website at www.aletta.org aletta

One thought on “On Sparrow Wings”

  1. I cannot think of any greater gift than to reassure Darryl that I would be looked after. He used to worry about leaving me behind and only tonight I found a letter from him, written long ago that talked of us being together forever. It is getting my head around him still being with me that is the challenge during some hours of each day.

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