Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Guess who’s coming to dinner?!!!Heather, I thought that maybe now was the perfect time to introduce you to all my gang. Each and very one of them has being listening to the tales and lore of Lemuria, and at this time feel as if they are as much part of the community as I am!! So it seems fitting to bring them along to visit you today on this very meaning ful day in your life. Allow me to introduce them to you, starting from top left and working clockwise:

Sorcha (16 years old and my eldest); myself; Orla (5 years old and the youngest); Donnie (my husband); Grainne (12 years old and the middle child); Meabh (8 years old, second youngest); and Eoin (14 years old and my only son).

What are we listening to? — It had to be one of the great love stories, like yours and Darryl’s, so we chose Puccini’s ‘La Boheme’.

What are we reading?- Ah since starting to write my Riversleigh Chronicles (which have yet to be posted) it seemed only fitting that the family bedtime story should be one in similar spirit and mood as the prevailing winds in Lemuria, the one, the only, ‘The Secret Garden’, of course!

So here we all are, the younger children are running around your front lawn playing chasing and having fun, while trying not to spill any of the adult’s drinks; Sorcha is standing beside you and alternately telling you about her life in Ireland and listening avidly to your stories, Eoin is checking out all Darryl’s friends, hoping to get a ride on one of the bikes; Donnie is distracting your mother-in-law attempting to keep her occupied and out of your hair (lovely job, by the way!); and me, well I am here in the background for whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, and otherwise having a few quiet words with dear Monika and Lois.

Yes Heather, today we are all standing right there beside you.

With all our love and more,

Edith, Donnie, Sorcha, Eoin, Grainne, Meabh, and Orla.

One thought on “Guess who’s coming to dinner?”

  1. Edith! You are one in a million precious. What a wonderful post. It was a delight to have you and your family with me on Wednesday to be with me as I said farewell. And what an amazing group you make. I will most certainly make it back to Ireland one day, just to be with you all.

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