a talisman for Darryl

A special badge for Darryl to wear on his leathers. The scallop shells – perennial and easily recognised symbol of the pilgrim and traveller – will ensure his protection and offers of hospitality along the way

and a song I’m sure he will have heard

The Icicle Works – Motorcycle Rider


I’ve seen the moonlit lake,
The brown leaves blown across the way,
I’ve seen the icy black November,
I’ve seen the meadow and the stoplight up in front of me,
I’ve seen some things I can’t remember…

I’m a motorcycle rider that’s what I am,
I’m a motorcycle rider

I’ve seen the beauty of the open plain, the wide terrain,
I’ve seen some pretty girls thru’ visors
I’ve seen my way across six thousand miles of toll-free road,
N’ every journey put me wiser…
All along the valley wall,
The white lines and the freeway,
There my lover calls to me above the engine roar…


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