Heather, This From Winnie

Thank you Vi for letting us know of Darryl’s passing. Heather Blakey’s husband, partner and soul mate Darryl, died Thursday after a six year fight with cancer. I told Heather that I have never in my life witnessed anyone who fought as passionately for love. It was a fight that Heather and Darryl won. Darryl has gone on a little ways ahead, but they know that something as strong as the love they share does not just end. Energy can be altered, but not destroyed ~ and love is the strongest energy in the universe. Many of you know that Raven is Heather’s Totem and Power Animal. This is a message that came from the Raven, through me, to Heather.



~ For Heather and Darryl ~

They dance the wind in circles
They enfold you in their turning
They weave you with their wheeling wings
Where light and sky are burning

Their throats are split with sorrow
Knowing inks their piercing eyes
As they trace their revolutions
Circling through the cloud strewn skies

They have come here with a giving
Written on the sky’s expanse
Mystery in the circuits
Of their wind washed, winding dance

They paint the sky with secrets
A key they would impart
With their dark circumvolutions
Straight into your heart

Behold the circling seasons
The changing breath of the monsoon
Gaia spinning in her orbit
And the bright dance of the moon

No end and no beginning
External or internal
Compassing, encompassing:
A circle is eternal

All existence told in turning
From the acorn to the tree
The circled peace of knowing
What is ~ will always be

The Ravens bring this blessing
As they dance the sky above
Existence is eternal
There is no end to love

©Edwina Peterson Cross

Darryl and Heather in Norway, 2001



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I am an author, poet, and digital photographer.

One thought on “Heather, This From Winnie”

  1. So very beautiful Winnie. I would know your words anywhere. Thanks for being there during some of the darkest hours of fear and uncertainty. I will always remember that you walked beside me fearlessly.

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