Aye mate, I’ll lend you a talisman


Darryl, waiting gentle spirit
of mirth and supportive stand –
I would that you wear this talisman
during the journey with Benu
seen as a Raven’s prayer.

I can spare it for a day or three,
knowing that it shall return to me,
and I will carry something of thee
on my quests in search of EverBe.

My chain has links like clasping hands;
an endless braid of humanity –

There is a link from a chain-mail helm
worn to protect those ever in need –

The spiral is of Phi’s simpicity
to guide thoughts to eternity –

The medallion is a Celtic Hawk
embracing a greenish stone –
an ancient symbol of the Soul
whose bold protecting wings
form a whisper of promised love.

I wear this daily ‘round my neck,
and with your blessed touching,
will carry a message gentle
upon the rippling silent breeze…

faucon of Sakin’el


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Male, 62 - owner of an eclectic retreat center called Sakin'el in Knoxville, TN. Author of many books listed on lulu.com

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