Knowing Stone

From a mildewed book of poems
found between some cellar stones;
title gone, author unknown –
but a date of 1884 set down..

faucon of Sakin’el


I hear it singing, singing sweetly,
Softly in an undertone,
Singing as if God had taught it,
“It is better farther on!”

Night and day it sings the song,
Sings it while I sit alone,
Sings so that the heart may hear it,
“It is better farther on!”

Farther On? How much farther?
Count the mile stones one by one?
No! no counting! – only trusting
“It is better farther on!”

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

in the lee of the Manor House at Sakin’el
there is smallish garden
by which all paths must cross.

It is called “Duuran” meaning “of knowing,”
and has a single tree and rough hewn bench
midst iris smiles and ivy run in solitude.

It is here where our furry friends
will someday be placed
that we may muse and remember
the teachings of their selfless love.

and here today I placed a special stone
carried 2700 miles from Nevada,
to watch over things when I cannot –
and feel Darryl is a fitting name.



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