Blue Angel

I posted a smaller version of this hours ago and then, as only I can, managed to make it disappear and become ‘unavailable’. Somehow I have brought it back and I only hope it was worth the effort!



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I live in England.

10 thoughts on “Blue Angel”

  1. Fitz in BlueDazzle

    this blue eruption of passion
    validates what I know,
    but do not often see —

    that the nimbus glow of angels
    is not from within,
    but from the rift-portal
    in which they stand,
    shielding us from a Light
    we cannot bear

    the song is blue,
    the Light is joy,
    and the child held
    is my innocence

  2. Magnificent Jan. Soon I will be sending people to you to get helpful IT hints 🙂 I know how you feel, I did little swirling dancing when a young woman showed me how to do predictive texting. All amazing really. 🙂

  3. I rather doubt that Heather but I must put in a word for Lori – I printed off your instructions about Flickr and they’ve allowed me to walk in. By the way HH – I hope you find time to visit Table 42 and 3/4 – that WAS hard yakker!

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