Solace means Softness


We shall come here often, you an I,
as we in sharing –
reach beyond the candle light –
the word’s pain softened,
but a flickering of memory.

Do not wait for grief,
nor hints of impending gloom;
for they are sharp and harsh
and chip away at resolve and soul –

seek instead a haven of softness,
where the shadows echo with pathos
drawn from living not from sorrow –
and just listen to the whispers –

“but do not wait until impending sunset
to lie in a meadow of dreams”

“I need not travel further
than softness of compassioned will
to find myself – well everywhere.”

“Come now softly ever –
press your love against my soul;
softly ever softly –
come now once again.”

“Will you softly whisper now
a song upon the breeze,
or just walk on in silence,
lost in velvet twilight hush?”

“Please breath softly on the glowing embers
of the passion of attention and creation,
and prepare to witness this born EverLight.”

“I don’t have to search for my lost love on
old paths we traveled by.
I’ll look for whispered hints of love
in soft, caressing breeze.

I’ll gather secret baby kisses in the brush of drifting leaf,
and flutter by with the butterflies to a place of golden song”

“and then to ever wander,
becoming a forest of dreams —
in which others may tread softly —
hear a ‘message gentle’,
and know of needs —
and the silence
of the trees.”

faucon, PST


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Male, 62 - owner of an eclectic retreat center called Sakin'el in Knoxville, TN. Author of many books listed on

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