For Darryl and Heather

Today I found a raven caught in the bird net that cover our youngberries ( which will be ripe soon) He was obviously in search of eggs as one of our chooks has decided laying eggs under the youngberry bush is her thing. Anyway as I tried to untangle him he played dead and i could see no heaving of his little chest- I bade him promise tofly as much as much white light your way as is possible. I held him in my hands and his eye opened, and then he flew into the coming night of the east-I hope he brings the white light you so need- he promised.

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I am a curator, artist and author.

11 thoughts on “For Darryl and Heather”

  1. I too hope that this creature will bring the light we need so badly right now. Darryl is deteriorating and my heart is heavy. I continue to work here because I will go crazy if I do not occupy my mind for at least parts of the day.

  2. I do feel bathed in bright healing light. It is as though I am being carried. The ravens came, wheeling through the skies, calling out our names, gathered at the hospital. It was very comforting to hear them outside the window as we settled in. Warm thanks to each of you.

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