A Bill Gates Lament

Taking Myself to Multi-task

I lie awake –
the contemptuous pillow having won
its ownership of my peace of mind and soul,
and reflect on what was learned in yesterday’s
buffeting of senses ‘tween Tours and Identity.

I expect of my computer some predictability,
as it can only do what it is told –
yet the myriad infusions of ‘help’ provided
from Bill Gates and minions most foul,
have created traps and pitfall
never imagined by my father.

The moment I am allowed to have the same
‘view of the world’ open more than once,
it is guaranteed that one view must be
out of sinc with time or place or spirit –
and if I should place a dream-thought
in the wrong ‘window’ then
what ‘could be’ is lost,
and ‘what was’ is confused
in memory.

Is not the same true of ever-sought
growth of mind and spirit?
If we hold open more than one view
of the world, or person met or concept considered,
then we might well have an ‘insight’
and wish to save it –
but place it in the wrong window;
and what should be of spirit is lost to reason –
and what should be practical is posted to dreams –
and what is offered in love is smothered in greed –
and what should be serious jostled in mirth.

Aye, I have the ability to be
‘of two minds,,
yet am not always the better for it.



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Male, 62 - owner of an eclectic retreat center called Sakin'el in Knoxville, TN. Author of many books listed on lulu.com

3 thoughts on “A Bill Gates Lament”

  1. I often wonder, when mind and soul finally come into sync and the moment of true wisdom arrives—–will I be able to hold onto it or will it slip away like a sliver of wet soap?

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