Team Singapore Theme Song “When We Believe”

“When We Believe” is a song of inspiration developed to help spur Team Singapore athletes on as they compete at international games. The theme song will make its debut on 14 November 2006 at the Team Singapore Flag Presentation for the 15th Asian Games and 9th FESPIC Games.

The production of “When We Believe” brings together a group of musical talents like Babes Conde, Shah Tahir and Project Superstar finalist Hong Jun Yang, who was selected as the vocal lead for this song as he embodies the spirit of self-belief and how this leads to success.

“When We Believe” is produced by Jason Tan and Babes Conde, a renowned musician with musical credits to her name like Chang and Eng, Sing To The Dawn and Beauty World. The musical score in the theme song is arranged, performed and programmed by Shah Tahir, a well-known sound engineer in Singapore whose credits include Humpback Oak?s Pain-Stained Morning and Stella Huang’s (Huang Xiang Yi) Fen Shou Di Qi Tien.

When We Believe
We begin our journey with our hopes held high
Because of you, I soar with wings to fly
As we heed the call, we’re standing tall
Set our eyes on giving all our best

Drawing inspiration from our home so dear
Our desire to make our nation proud
We belong together, we’re a team
Hand in hand, together as we dream

When we believe, we know that we can touch the sky
Yes, we will achieve, our dreams are just within our reach
Our spirits soar, with love to share
And hearts that care
Because we dare to dream
When we believe

Listen to Team Singapore Song “When We Believe” by Hong Junyang

Download “When We Believe” Ringtone


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