Kuan Yin


Goddess of Compassion,
Your image arrived on my creative doorstep just yesterday. Thank you for the opportunity!


8 thoughts on “Kuan Yin”

  1. I’m catching two birds with one net. Not only do I get to be creative, but I also get to give these away to the most beloved people in my life. I love the gift giving season! I havent had much time to write lately because these pictures are taking up ALOT of time. *lol* I’m happy that you enjoy them. At least I get to do one creative thing a day. If it were up to me though, I would be creative 24 hours a day!

  2. Oh my goodness she is just BEAUTIFUL!! I too have been calling on Kuan Yin in recent times along with other goddesses of compassion. This is quite simply the most stunning version of her that I have seen.

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