The Holiday Tree

The Holiday Tree -Ninja-Cat


8 thoughts on “The Holiday Tree”

  1. Yeah, the colors are what I love too. I wish you all could see it in real life, it looks much better. But I’m glad i shared it here. I needed some feedback on it. Thank you. There’s more coming! Look forward to Alice’s Revenge! *teehee*

  2. Earlier you spoke of self-doubt, and I did not respond — waiting is! True faith is understanding that whatever you create and share will touch someone — even a ‘worst effort’ may encourage another to post with even greater fear. I am sure you have heard of the ripples in the pond. Look at your own picture! Here I see an angel bending over to polish the ice so that someone else can see the depths more clearly. The challenge is to create or not to — ‘how good’ is of little concern — so write as you paint, and let me hear the angels as well as see.


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