Monty Comes Home


Monty loved young women
Who never could resist his advances
So on Saturday when
A young guide came offering
to take him
To Shangri La
He ran off happily
As always
To us

But then Shangri La
Was not home
Was a place filled with strange dogs
And lonesome cats
For loved ones to come



So the lad
who had never had a night away from home
and never really wanted to go off with someone else
followed the yellow brick road
and came back to lie
quite near to us
by the veranda
with a stunning view
of the secret garden
he knew and loved.

Monty is home again
And a quiet peace has descended.


6 thoughts on “Monty Comes Home”

  1. a paragraph from my book “More Than Four”, which I will make available on “Bard of Lemuria” for all who have looked into a pet’s eyes, and know the truth of it …

    “Christ’s words allow that, “whenever two or more are gathered in the name of Love, there also will be divine presence.” People come in pairs, on two legs, with open heart and hand – and the energy exceeds the sum of the parts. Of course, man is encumbered by having a soul, and seeks continuous balance between his Divine and Human nature. Our fuzzy friends are not bound by this Covenant, and are allowed to love without fear – giving fair measure without demanding compensation beyond respect for their nature and simple kindness.”

  2. Heather… tears for Monty and tears to cry a river to carry our loved ones to the other side. Your art reaches a place inside me that has long been silent and yearns to sing.

  3. Thank you so much everyone. Monty was a precious boy who enriched our lives. I have a photo by my desk and love to remember what a beautiful creature he was. We were so lucky to have him for so many years and will talk about him often.

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