Light a Candle for Monty



A Blessing for Monty from Stephanie Hansen 



My angel died at home today
as I sat stroking him
Sleep peacefully my beloved Monster dog




7 thoughts on “Light a Candle for Monty”

  1. Dear Heather,

    What a sweet and beautiful face–how you must love Monty.

    In the Christian faith we believe God knows when the smallest sparrow falls. How could He not know and welcome your beautiful Monty?

  2. Heather,
    the loss of any soul close to ours is devastating. And having lost a dear beloved dog myself I know how inconsolable one can feel and how abandoned by something so beautiful, loyal and loving…
    The only consolation with time and healing came from thte realization that just like humans, dogs and all other creatures are relieved from the pain and suffering and are welcomed to another realm and dimensions where they experience more lightness and joy and feel like home. So that belief gave me comfort and soothed my pain as I hope it does for you.

    May Monty be relieved from all burdens and pains and may his spirit soar and continue to move and inspire us for ages. May your grieving be eased from the knowledge that death is never final, but a new beggining, a new creation, a new stage in your relationship on another level.

    Accept my condolences and my warm hugs as we envelop you with understanding and love,

  3. Heather,

    We are all involved in life’s circle of birth, living and passing over, including our beloved pets, know he’ll be waiting for you and it’s my belief and experience our pets and loved ones visit us from time to time.

    I know this is no consulation at present but his love for you both always lives on inside your hearts and memories.

    Camelot Scribe.

  4. Heather as I come to know Monty and look forward to hearing from Lord Montgomery, I smile because in the eye of my mind he was this huge Rhodesian Ridgeback or other large beast! And to know that his fierceness lived inside that sweet adorable body is a sweet thing to ponder this morning.

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