Divine Mother?

Divine mother are you here?

With a week, a day, a minute to spare

A fleeting visit, a word, a hug,

Will you come here now

Into this Temple of Solace where I’m kneeling

All broken up and mangled as hot, salt tears

Course down my face and fall

Into this bleak and screaming hell that mimics life?

For the love of God or Goddess

If I beg for long enough will you

Follow me into this lonely desert,

Fill a cup with water 

Hold my head and let me drink,

Quench my thirst for comfort

Stay a while and rock me until

The bliss of sleep brings rest and peace,

Allows oblivion to calm my wretched mind,

Tormented soul and crumbling heart?



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I live in England.

5 thoughts on “Divine Mother?”

  1. A familiar hearts cry to us all I’m sure. How your words echo that cry for us all. We join our hearts, prayers and the sending of love to you and hope you pass through this time quickly.

    Camelot Scribe.

  2. Jan… for me the quest has been to locate the Divine Mother of me who never leaves my side. She cradles me, strokes my hair, and loves all the parts of me. It is a long journey to Self – but I believe she lives in each of us – and it is a life long task to develop our relationship to her.

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