Raven Winged Angels




They come to me
Winged Angels
bringing messages of love
and support
enfolding me in their Ebony wings

Warm thanks to devoted members of
the Soul Food Community
Whose love gives me strength.



8 thoughts on “Raven Winged Angels”

  1. The ‘Winged Angels’ thank you Heather, yet remind you it was you who heard their telepathic heart cries across the world and established ‘Soul Food Cafe’, where we could all meet and support each other.

    So if we’re the ‘Winged Angels’, you must be the guardian ‘Archangel’.

  2. Oh Heather I love these images. Spirit Guides indeed. Well know this you who have guided us towards the well of enlightenment and helped us discover that all we need is already hidden deep inside us — you are our Sirit Guide in the flesh.
    love and blessings,

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