Clarity in Denial


Clarity in Denial

There is no more pain
There is no need to search
There is nothing to find
There is nothing to do


There is nothing to prove
There is nothing to cover
There is nothing to agree
There is nothing to deny


No goals to achieve
No dreams to attain
No desires to chase
No roles to play


No choices to make
No people to meet
No causes to fight
No places to visit


No more struggling
No more suffering
No more denying
No more refusing


No more confusion
No more illusions
Nothing to have
Nothing to fix


No more pretenses
No more excuses
No more doubts
No more fears


No more hiding
No more trying
No more doing
No more lying


Nothing to change
Nothing to become
Nowhere to return
Nowhere to go


No love-less-ness
No loneliness
No darkness
No illness


Nothing really
No more


6 thoughts on “Clarity in Denial”

  1. Thank you for sharing this medicine with us. I just love the picture of the mountain. It looks so much like the mountain that overlooks my little valley here in Oregon.

  2. How easily we can all shift into this in total faith that it will remove all pain. How often, sadly, it turns out to be just another lie to ourselves (as denial is).

    You have shared with us this for our growth and enlightenment to which we are all thankful for.

    You are very wise.

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