Ravens Have Come



It has not been a particularly good week for me this week. Most people would be excited about a new car but a car is simply a means to get from one place to another and it is the worst investment in the world. Well it is not an investment really. Cars devalue as soon as you drive them – even if like our ‘new’ car they are only new to us.


Maybe it has been Mercury in Retrograde but I have had to make decisions that I do not find easy and perhaps most importantly, could see that Darryl was not well, that he had a new problem. Yesterday it was confirmed that he has a massive clot from above his groin to his toes on his right leg. So he had to go to Emergency at Epworth.


They are fabulous at Epworth but he was not put in the ward until almost midnight and we were beside ourselves. So the week did not end well.


 ONE positive in all of this has been my Raven messengers. They have been everywhere, circling, flapping their ebony wings, dancing above the car and last night as I drove back from the hospital, twenty of them flew in formation across the road in front of me. I nearly ran off the road.


Ravens are the keepers of the Temple of Solace and Monika Roleff sent me this amazing photo of a flock she saw near her home. I am not sure which is the most amazing part of this photograph, the strength of the trees or the rookery gathering.


This morning I come to the Temple to sit and give thanks for the wave of support that has come our way. We have had a particularly tough time and reached an all time low around midnight last night.


Today WILL be better.


17 thoughts on “Ravens Have Come”

  1. More than anything else, this ties me to this place! Ravens have been very important in my times of need. During the year of my divorce, the first year living on my own with my kids, I moved to a street where crows swooped dramatically down into the street in front of my condo and back into the trees, back and forth. I felt so comforted by them. They grew especially active in stormy weather. That’s why I think they give us strength – they seem to be, if anything, more at home in high winds and storms, in the skies as well as in our lives. I’m so glad they’re there for you, Heather.

  2. In the beauty of the scene with the gnarled tree reaching out so proud and sturdy and the ravens flocking may you find peace, hope, wisdom and a light to illuminate your spirt and bless you with both a quiet mind and heart.
    Waves of strength and affection,

  3. Aye, Heather these are troubled times. May your anxiety, pain, and uncertainty, when spread amongst all of us be easier to bear.

  4. What a lovely old tree… it exudes strength as do you, Heather. May it and the ravens be with you. You and Darryl are in my thoughts every day. You are both so amazing in your strength. You are an inspiration. And thank you for sharing Darryl’s picture with us. He looks good. He’s a good looking man.


  5. Heather,

    To be so positive and midful in times and challenges like this is more than admirable. Your spirit is so strong and so generous. No wonder you are surrounded by many wonderful souls that provide solace, support and care all along. Those amazing ravens all around you are also live and divine messengers that bring peace and reassurance that despite appearances and lots of pain and hardships, everything can and will be ok and it IS a Better day indeed.

    Sending you and Darryl my heartfelt wishes, prayers and healing energies.
    And may you both see plenty of light and rays of real joy soon on the road to recovery and complete healing.
    With love and gratitude,

  6. Heather and Darryl,

    Words are inadequate at times like this. I have been away and am leaving again to day. I just popped in to see the Temple before I unpack and repack my bags.

    I will hold you in my heart as I walk the shoreline this week.

    Love to you both!

  7. Heather,

    I stopped by to thank you for your comments at my blog (Life in the Bogs). Thank you. 🙂 I’m flattered and honored at your offer (and a little curious as to how you found me). I’d love to accept. 🙂

    However, I’m moving in less than 2 weeks time so I’ll need a little time to move and get settled in at the new place. Once I’m settled I’ll get in touch and you can let me know how to go about contributing.

    I wandered around here for a little while this morning and love the sense of peace and support. I’m wishing all the best for you and Darryl.


  8. If I tell you how I found you Robin I will have revealed my secrets and be forced to kill you 🙂 Jokes aside statistic counters are wonderful. They tell webmasters like me where people are coming from.

    To each and every one of you a big hug. You have made me feel very loved and I am a very fortunate woman to have such support.
    hugs to all

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