A Rug for Travels to Eleusis

dsc04920.JPGI feel like I fell off the planet this last week, and have slowly , very slowly been attempting to do some work. I have been working on a Rug for Persephone for her travels in the upper world or the world of her mother Demeter and perhaps even for her journey with her mother to Eleusis. It is allegory for what is going on in my life at the moment , but also about hope and even joy- I wanted the colours to reflect this. Demeter rules at our house, the first original art quilt I made depicted Demeter and pomegranates( that was some time ago)- and I use pomegranates a lot in my work, particularly when I am in the doldrums. Symbolic of the underworld and rebirth, of soil and nurturing, it reminds me that no matter how dark the journey, inevitably we have to emerge like the seed and push our way back into the world. This picture is a detail- I haven’t finished yet.



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