The Village of Good Weeping






Village of Good Weeping,

where the women wailed so loudly,

so fully, so deeply –

the rains came.

Manon des Sources –

the spring came alive and flowing,

tears making rain,

so clean,

so full,

it ran down the square.

Rivulets turned into torrents,

splashing and bathing the

babies awashed by

the women downstream,

making them smile

with satisfaction.

Their clothes were white

with saltwater.

I smiled as the water

ran to the ocean

and the fishes swam in it.

The Village of Good Weeping.

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)


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About Seeking balance from corporate life years back in 2005, Monika Roleff stumbled across Lemuria in cyberspace, and became Imogen Crest, Time Travelling Nature Hermit, under the influence of Heather Blakey, educator and Webmistress of Soul Food Cafe – famous global writing and art group. “Imogen” has never looked back, and creates the world as she sees it, through the eyes of nature, in word and art across many eras. In “real life” Monika Roleff is a writer, nature photographer, consultant, vintage fairs/events curator and facilitator, writing fest co-ordinator, community artist, and more, with an extensive admin and retail fashion/textiles/arts background, and can be contacted on indigo_moon22 at hotmail dot com.

6 thoughts on “The Village of Good Weeping”

  1. By the goddess herself Monika. You have outshone yourself. This is nothing short of spectacular. Just breathtaking and I know you have shed enough tears to make the rivers run clear and pure. Bravo!

  2. Moni,

    Weeping can be cleansing and sharing is healing. And you have done plenty of both – time for more light, creativity and joy! I hug you and smile with you for the stroms are far behind and the rainbow is about to burst above the Village of Good Weeping…
    D a r i n a 🙂

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