Spirit Guides – Images

Just want to share some images of what could be a Spirit Guide… not sure.
I’m not sure if this is how my Spirit Guide look like for I’ve seen him guiding me through some symbols and people but not his actual face… but this image of a face emerges from my messing with a friend’s photo yesterday after I wrote A Dream Down the Path Well Trodden & I thought it looked like a forest spirit…


Have you met your Spirit Guide? Please tell me about it if you have.

Here’s a gift from my Spirit Guide recently in the form of a poem that is now a bookmark and talisman.


& here’s my Spirit Guide smiling at me through a damselfly… I did not add in that smile nor did I notice it when I took the shot… it must have been some freak angle and light/shadows & I the smile only when I was going through my photos at the end of the day.


Alex Chua (a.k.a. Forest Spirit)



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If you're into photography, reading or writing, feel free to add me as friend :-) Thank you for visitng me in cyber space. This is a very very very big place… so it is no coincidence that you have somehow found me. I believe there are no coincidence, only synchronicity. There are no strangers, only friends who have not met. My name is Alex Chua. Nice to meet you :-) I'm a Peaceful Warrior of Light, Love and Laughter who have accidentally taken the Red Pill and now find myself asking 'What the Bleep Do We Know!?'. I'm a Kundalini Reiki Master and l Heart Huckerbees ;-P Having taken the Mindwalk and met The Alchemist along the way, I now know The Secret and my Waking Life is spent on The Road Less Traveled. I did not start out wanting to be a Warrior of Light. If you ask me, I've been a coward for most of my life, running away from many things… including the ones I love. I was driven by fear… including the fear of losing, rather than inspired by aspirations and dreams. In fact, it was the depressing darkeness and meaninglessness of life that drove me to begin my own Quest for Clarity. I found myself on The Path Well Trodden. I've lost my balance many times on this path… I forgot to pay attention sometimes, fell asleep, and lost my way too… Luckily, I've been guided by people who Ignited my SPARKS (Douglas) and people who taught me how to Share my SPARKS (my family & friends: Jeanine, Jinhan & Vincent), as well as led by series of Signs and Synchronicities to my life work as a Possibilities Coach. I spend most of my free time with my camera, as well as reading & writing. Beyond Possibilities is simply a platform through which I can share what I learn, with people who are open to going Beyond Possibilities. I'm currently working with Action City (Big Box International Pte. Ltd.) in Training & Marketing (since 2008). This is a wonderful company where I've made many friends who I believe will be with me for a long time to come. Some stuff that I'm proud of includes having my photography exhibited at the RING CUBE in Tokyo & published in a calendar in 2011. I have also been recognized for scholastic achievement and excellence by The Golden Key International Honour Society in 2001 and was awarded The RMIT Business Dean's Award in 2002. You can view my professional profile at http://sg.linkedin.com/in/alexchua

8 thoughts on “Spirit Guides – Images”

  1. Thank you Soulwright, imogen88 & Heather.

    Would love to see you post something about your guides sometime, Soulwright.

    Those memories have never left me Heather. My 2 months in Melb have been the best time of my life.

  2. seek an ye shall find
    become as a child
    do not doubt what is given
    embrace it in your heart
    love and light vibrates with truth
    there is nothing to fear
    even in our darkest hours
    there are lessons of of love and light to learn
    it’s all part of the inner journey
    chosen by the chosen few

  3. I like you am awaiting the face/s. i am told i have an angelic muse called Trinity who has been with me for life.

    Yesterday, during a meditation, I felt such love, warmth, peace and either a very loving, gentle breeze or soft, loving stroke of my hair around my face.

    I was also told, along time ago I have a spirit guide who died just after I was born, who use to stroke my hair/face in my crib, who had dark or black hair, name of Anne (I think) – have to check my notes.

    I think I’ve seen her during another meditation one night before sleep, fleetingly, along with many, many other visions of that time.

    At my ‘Angel Insights’ course, the tutor told me I should do a ‘Goddess course’ too as I have Morgaine as a Spirit guide, whose waiting patiently for me to stop dilly dallying around and doubting. Both her mother and father were psychic, clairvoyant etc and she grew up with it – as a completely normal way of life.

  4. your damselfly is indeed smiling and the quotation you have put with it is so right. A smile costs nothing and gives pleasure to so many. What a pity so many people can find nothing to make them smile

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